Vampire Facials – Who Gets Them, and What They Are Best For

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Vampire Facials. What are they? Who Gets Them? And What are they Best for?

VAMPIRE FACIALS: What are they?

A vampire facial is the name given to facial treatments that use a combination of micro-needling or meso-needling along with protein nutrient rich plasma (officially called Platelet Rich Plasma or “PRP”) solutions. This treatment allows nutrient dense, rejuvenation platelets to penetrate the skin through the microneedling channels, once the blood has been drawn and safely processed.

And yes, that PRP solution is made up of the best nutrient capacities of your own blood, where a little bit of blood is taken and processed in the centrifuge, so that the protein nutrient parts are able to be used as a type of ‘natural, collagen stimulating serum’ on the face.

blood-vampire-facial-treatment-melbourneA so called “vampire facial” is a treatment that involves making the most of two different highly advanced skin treatments: micro-needling or meso-needling (including DermaPen needling) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) absorbed into the skin during the micro-needling process.  It’s a nutrient rich solution, made from processing a small amount of your own blood proteins, that helps rejuvenate, firm and tone your skin.

Essentially, a PRP treatment uses your own blood to stimulate healthy skin function and skin rejuvenation.  It’s highly effective, not as painful as it sounds (numbing cream helps and the microneedling is as fine as an eyelash so it’s an easily tolerated treatment for most patients), and can provide very worthwhile skin rejuvenation effects.

It helps you get firmer, smoother and better looking skin – reducing unevenness, improving texture and tone, and returning that radiant glow!

A similar micro-needling-plus-PRP “skin stimulating technology” is also one of the ways we help client grow luscious, thicker hair or cover thinning scalps, receding hairlines or bald patches (once combined with the right customised topical hair restoration solutions for hair regrowth).  That’s a different program with additional solutions, applied topically and at home, to treat premature balding or hair loss in women and men.

Celebrities who get VAMPIRE FACIALS: Who else Gets Them?

You’ve seen Vampire Facials in the news a lot these past few years. Yes, we’re talking the likes of the Kardashian’s (Kim) and other famous stars in Australia and Hollywood.

Celebrities who get Vampire Facials, simply love the effects on their skin – including the stunning Australian-based model, Frankie.

She is a fan of Hair & Skin Science’s special Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) nutrient-rich micro-needling facial treatments to keep her skin looking radiant, smooth and firm!


But any person, celebrity, professional, stay at home Mum and even football players, along with male models and actors and actresses and singers, can quickly become a fan of the so called VAMPIRE FACIAL PRP micro-needling treatment.

What other Celebrities – have posted VAMPIRE FACIAL photos on their social media / Instagram Accounts?

You guessed it – the Kardiashian trend setting clan!

If you’ve been keeping up to date with which other global celebrities are using PRP, you’ll no doubt remember the popularity of Kim Kardashian’s Vampire Facial treatments.

She did later indicate she was not a candidate for numbing cream (this extra step DOES make this a more comfortable treatment), but most of our patients tolerate numbing creams very well, and find the treatment – especially the Low Level Light Therapy bonus treatment at the end – amazingly comfortable to undergo.

So if you want to know if Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial treatments with Dermapen Microneedling hurt or not, here’s the answer.

Yes and No. For most patients, the answer is ‘minimally’ because of how we help them prepare the skin.  The numbing cream is strong and it goes on long enough to get you through the microneedling treatment (that part is usually done in less than 20 minutes) and you typically won’t feel much discomfort afterwards.   That noted, every patient is unique and the discomfort may depend on your skin sensitivities or how deeply you want your dermis treated; yet our prescription numbing cream is highly recommended as being one of the better options for these relatively short treatments.

Once the microneedling is done, then it’s time for Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) for most clients – a relaxing, healing technology to help the skin’s natural healing and renewal processes.

Ask our clinicians what they recommend in terms of your PRP facial treatments (the “Vampire” Facial).

If you get a Vampire Facial Treatment, however, you will be pink or red for up to several days, and will need to adjust your normal skin care regimes as your Clinician advises.

Contact us for details.

How many PRP treatments are required to see good skin rejuvenation results?

  • Several treatments are usually required for optimal results, and these are typically performed every few weeks or up to 4 weeks apart.
  • You’ll see cumulative effects that are also good to maintain with either a treatment series OR top ups as your Clinician advises (often, clients get a sense of when they should start their next top up sessions, with once every 5 to 6 months a good estimate of how often you’ll want to have these facial treatments performed after you complete your initial series of PRP/micro-needling treatments; these equate to about 4 to 6 PRP treatments over 3 to 6 months, followed by a follow-up PRP Facial every 6 months unless otherwise recommended).
  • Every 2 to 4 weeks is sometimes the optimal treatment regime for certain skin types and patients who are starting with their first PRP-microneedling series.
  • But remember, these are general guidelines only. Our Clinician’s can advise you about what treatment regimes and treatment time frames might be best for your skin concerns, during a personal no-obligation skin consultation for these scientifically based facials (By appointment only, please).

Ask our Hair & Skin Science Clinicians what to expect by phoning us on 0472 647 011 OR send us an online enquiry or an email.

VAMPIRE FACIALS: What skin concerns are they best used to treat?

PRP and microneedling facial treatments help a number of skin concerns and skin conditions. Here are some of the conditions that lead patients to seek out this effective, minimal down time facial treatment:

  • ageing skin
  • sun damaged skin
  • unevenly pigmented skin including skin with freckles and sun spots
  • dull looking skin that lacks lustre or radiance or is losing firmness
  • problem skin or acne scars
  • skin that is beginning to show more visible signs of ageing or unevenness in texture or colour
  • skin that is starting to become saggy or crepey looking (but if the jowl line is sagging or the skin has lost a lot of collagen, you might want to investigate your suitability for the non-surgical facelift alternative: The Thread Lift (Silhouette Thread Lift)
  • skin that is highly prone to pigmentation problems and is not as suitable for laser resurfacing treatments or IPL

Discount Facials: oxygen-therapy-facial-discount-chadstone-melbourneTo find out more about our facial rejuvenation options including “Vampire facials,” quality cosmetic injections to reduce wrinkles and facial rejuvenation or augmentation using dermal fillers – phone us today!

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