Treating Thinning Hair; Regrowing Hair: Female Baldness & Effective Treatments


Hair loss in women is not uncommon. Are you concerned about YOUR thinning hair? Do you have bald spots you want to cover up with hair regrowth?

If you have thinning hair or visible scalp skin, and you’re a woman, you are NOT alone. It’s not uncommon for women to lose a lot of hair, or succumb to premature hair thinning and baldness. Sometimes the cause of female balding is hormonal hair loss. Other times its genetic or a side effect of medications. Sometimes extreme stress can lead to your hair falling out, as can other environmental exposures.

We have effective treatment options for select clients to help regrow your hair when you experience premature balding, bald patches or a thinning scalp.

  • Depending on the causes of your thinning hair, we may be able to help.
  • We offer scientifically based hair regrowth treatments that involves protein rich plasma microneedling on the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth.
  • This treatment is safe, effective and not uncomfortable – and you’ll often see results in 3 months with optimal results at 6 months to 12 months.


Want to try hair regrowth treatments but afraid it might not work? WE HAVE A RISK REVERSAL OFFER.

  • We are a top notch clinic who takes pride in helping people restore hair when they’ve experienced early balding or premature hair loss.
  • We use advanced scientifically based methods approved in Australia to encourage hair restoration and hair regrowth.
  • If you follow our treatment protocols for six months but see NO results, we’ll give you a refund.
  • Ask about our RISK REVERSAL promise in your no obligation consultation.

Are you a female who’s experiencing thinning hair and balding? Do you want to restore your hairline or regrow hair to cover the balding patches?

WE can help you assess whether you’re a good candidate for our scientifically based advanced hair regrowth processes.

We are honest with patients about who we think is a good candidate for potential hair regrowth success, and who might have more challenges based on their medical condition, extent of hair loss or thinning hair, and hormonal fluctuations or previous cancer treatments that caused hair loss or thinning hair.

Contact us to see what we can do for you – attend a no-obligation consultation at our Hair & Skin Science – Melbourne Clinic – in Ashwood.

Plenty of parking nearby and you’ll love the warm, embracing clinic of caring Hair Regrowth & Skin Rejuvenation Clinicians who can help you reach your hair restoration objectives through a series of PRP treatments and at home care program regimes.

We are conveniently located in an easy to reach location on Warrigal Road just a short distance from Chadstone, Mount Waverley, Camberwell, Malvern, Balwyn and other inner eastern and outer eastern Suburbs.

Hair Regrowth treatments

Click on the link below to find out about treatments for hair loss treatments for hair regrowth for women in Melbourne.

Find out the most common causes of hair loss in women and what can be done to restore hair or encourage new hair growth to combat thinning hair or early balding in women.

Hair Regrowth for Women: Treatments for Balding or Thinning Hair

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