Thread Lifts: How Many Threads are Used or Needed?


Compare the cost of our thread lifts and skin care services, including PRP skin needling, with other cosmetic treatments and skin beautification products in Melbourne.  Thread lifts are a popular alternative to surgical face lift procedures. They can help temporarily rejuvenate the appearance of candidates deemed suitable for a thread lift procedure, and the results may last for several years. While they may not suit everyone, a minimally invasive thread lift can forestall the need for a surgical facelift for clients who want a firmer look to their lower face, but want to avoid the risks of scars and downtime that are required to undertake a surgical facelift procedure. Clients who investigate thread lifts, however, often ask how many threads are used – or needed – for a non-surgical thread lift procedure? They also want to know what the average cost of a thread lift will be, and how the cost of a Silhouette soft thread lift compares to a surgical facelift.

Common Questions asked about Thread Lifts including Costs, Number of Threads Needed and Comparing Prices of a Facelift to a Thread Lift.

If you want to know more about a Thread Lift, ask Jenna, Maddy or Julie to schedule your appointment with our Cosmetic Physician.   See our full price range for our hair restoration services and skin rejuvenation treatments.

How many threads are used or needed in a thread lift?

  • The answer to the cost of a thread lift is that it can vary from patient to patient.
  • Prices of a thread lift depend on your skin, your anatomy, your facial concerns and your desires for rejuvenation.
  • Prices for thread lifts generally range according to how many threads you are requesting for your procedure.
  • If, however, you compare the cost of a thread lift (Silhouette Soft threadlift) to a surgical facelift, you’ll find it’s anywhere from 10% of the cost to 25% of the cost.
  • It may not last as long as a surgical lift of the face, but the benefits include a firmer looking lower face or jawline, tighter-looking skin around the lower face and an uplift to the facial appearance, and a rejuvenation effect without the facelift scars and lengthy recovery downtime that surgical face lifts require.

How much does a thread lift cost at our Melbourne Clinic (Hair & Skin Science)?

Compare the cost of a thread lift procedure to facelift surgery or a facelift with a necklift.cost-thread-lift-compared-to-facelift-prices-melbourne

The price of a surgical facelift in Melbourne by a top Plastic Surgeon can range from around $18,000 by a general doctor without Specialist qualifications to $25,000 to over $40,000 or higher by a Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Costs vary depending on whether or not you also combine neck lift procedures or neck area liposuction, and whether or not you choose a very experienced, fully qualified Plastic Surgeon to perform your surgery.

Cost Comparison: Thread lift vs Facelift Surgery

Thread lifts are a lot more affordable than a surgical face lift or neck lift.

  • The cost or price of a non-surgical thread lift ranges.
  • The price of a thread lift procedure depends on how many threads you actually need to get the result you’re wanting.
  • While you can sometimes get by with fewer threads, the more threads the more visible the outcome for most patients.
  • We are happy to offer you a custom QUOTE and an assessment of what a Thread Lift can accomplish for you; also, we give a bonus PRP treatment with all of our thread lifts so you can get a more holistic result in terms of a refreshed or rejuvenated-looking appearance.

Remember, however, some individuals may need a surgical facelift instead of a non-surgical thread lift; it really depends on the individual.  We are happy to give you a no-obligation assessment of your suitability for a thread lift by our Cosmetic Physician(s).

Average Costs of Thread Lifts in Melbourne – Compared to Surgical Face Lift procedures

Six (6) threads in a thread lift procedure typically cost around $3,000

Eight (8) Threads in a thread lift procedure costs about $4,000 for a Thread Lift non-surgical thread lift procedure at our Melbourne clinic.

Who will perform my thread lift in Melbourne?

A Cosmetic Physician trained in Thread Lifts and non-surgical procedures, including Cosmetic Injections and Deep Skin Peels, will perform your thread lift procedure at our Hair & Skin Science Clinic in Melbourne in Ashwood (highly convenient to Malvern, Chadstone, Burwood and Mount Waverley locations).

We also have a Camberwell area Thread Lift Clinic treatment option (contact us for details).

Thread lift or Facelift: What’s the difference in procedures?

The main difference between a thread lift and a surgical facelift is how the face is lifted and how long the results may last, as well as the visibility of changes.

Scarring is also different, as thread lifts tend to not leave scars (very tiny needles are used in thread lifts along with non-dissolvable threads); whereas a facelift will leave a scar (as uses a surgical blade or surgical knife and/or surgical scissors to excise the skin, which is then sutured).

This is not intended to replace medical data, but hopes to provide a general overview of a facelift and how it differs from a thread lift.

For more on facelift procedures, visit Mayo Clinic’s facelift procedure page.

  • A surgical facelift is more invasive than a thread lift.
  • In general, a facelift requires a Surgeon to cut into your lower facial skin, often around your ear area or lower jaw or cheek areas.
  • This does leave a scar, although with precision surgery it can be minimised (if you get an infection, or scar badly, however, it may be quite visible, but most patients have facelift scars that heal well and are hardly noticeable to an untrained eye.
  • In a facelift, after making skin incisions, your surgeon then separates the facial skin from underlying muscles, tissues, tendons and other anatomical structures, excise excess skin, and re-anchor the skin to sit more firmly along the lower face or jawline area.
  • Often, a neck lift combined with a facelift gets a better result and reduces the sagging chin line or sagging neck skin.

Options for a Facelift include Neck Lifting or Liposuction Procedures

  • Platysma bands are also sometimes minimised with surgical excision-based procedures.
  • Liposuction of the neck, along with fat transfer, are advanced procedures that may also be employed in a facelift procedure.

The Minimally Invasive Thread Lift Procedure (In Brief)

Read the article FACELIFT vs THREAD LIFT – does a Thread lift really work? for more information.

  • Some patients prefer thread lift technologies to the alternative surgical facelift techniques when their lower face skin starts to sag.
  • This procedure involves micro-beaded or coned threads inserted along the areas of sagging skin, which are then pulled gently and anchored into place with no incisions and no scars.
  • Thread Lift procedures tend to involve absorbable threads, which often have the added benefit of leading the underlying dermal structures to generate more collagen for a more rejuvenated appearance of the treated area(s) of the face.
  • You will, however, have a bit of swelling or potential bruising, but for most clients, this is no where near to the same extent that you’d have after a major facial operation such as a facelift procedure.

Threads can be used to help contour the lower face, when performed properly by a highly trained Cosmetic Physician.

For more on thread lifts, phone our office or send us an enquiry form.

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