The Vampire Facial: Skin Needling and why PRP Facials are in hot demand

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), applied using skin needling methods, could be considered the ultimate facial serum – it’s made from your own blood.

The procedure takes about an hour to perform, and it involves a small vial of blood collected and processed using a super fine needle (our Nurses are superbly gentle). Then, the blood is spun in a centrifuge (processed) to separate out the plasma. Your Clinician then treats the targeted area(s) – your facial skin – with the processed plasma using skin needling techniques (again, very micro-fine needles – the size of an eyelash). The plasma is believed to contain nutrient rich properties or growth factors that help rejuvenate your skin, and the skin needling helps with plasma penetration AND with stimulating skin renewal or cellular turnover to improve the texture, tone or condition of your skin.  Results are best seen after 3 to 5 treatments and a minimum of 5 treatments in a series are recommended for best PPR treatment results.

Is a PRP Facial treatment with skin needling or micro-needling, painful?

The micro-needling method is used to infuse this PRP “serum” (a gel-like consistency plasma) into your facial skin is not as painful as it sounds. We help numb your skin and once you get used to the sensations, it’s not uncomfortable for the majority of patients.  Everyone is different, though, so if you run on the very-sensitive skin side, just let us know. Read more about the procedure below.

Other names for the Platelet Rich Protein (PRP) Facial treatments and Hair Regrowth Treatments include:

  • autologous platelet gel
  • plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF)
  • platelet concentrate (PC), 

Other uses for PRP, as well as facial skin revitalisation, include regrowing hair or stimulating hair regrowth, sports injuries, tendon repair and patella area tendon repair.

Read more about research on balding treatment research using PRP for hair loss prevention  and hair regrowth in men and women.

Find out what happens during a VAMPIRE FACIAL:  PRP and Skin Needling Treatment

Many of our clients adore the results they get with PRP facial treatments.  They report smoother, firmer looking plumper skin that has a better appearance and a far less uneven tone. They particularly like the feel of having a smoother facial skin texture and the “PRP glow” after finishing the treatment series.

In this blog, we take you through the PRP Facial “Vampire Facial” Experience of one of our skin treatment clients, a model and actor in Melbourne.


So, what’s it like to get a Vampire Facial or skin needling (micro-needling or PRP)?

Step 1: Find out if you are a good candidate for a Vampire Facial.

Get an assessment and discuss your skin texture, facial appearance, wrinkles or other face and skin concerns.

  • Call our Clinic to schedule an assessment or ask preliminary questions by phone.
  • Best Contact Number for our Hair & Skin Science Team: 0472 647 011
  • Send an enquiry on our Ashwood (Melbourne) Clinic contact page.
  • Attend the assessment and ask any and all questions you have; meet our team, relax at our Clinic.
  • You’ll learn more about the treatment and what to expect.
  • Decide if this treatment is right for you.

Step 2: If you want to proceed with PRP treatments, you can choose an individual session OR a discounted PRP Facial Package.

  • We make these treatments as comfortable as possible for you, and we know you’ll love the results.
  • But you can choose how and when you want to proceed.
  • If you are a good candidate for these treatments, you will be able to purchase PRP treatments individually (pay as you go).
  • However, our discount PRP with Skin Needling Facial packages are more cost effective than individual treatments.
  • Prices of PRP micro-needling facial treatments are below (scroll down for the Cost of Vampire Facials in Melbourne)
  • You will need 5 treatments to optimise your facial rejuvenation and get the most benefit from these skin smoothing, revitalising treatments.

If you’re ready to get started, you’ll then decide on which PRP Facial Treatment Package you’d like to purchase and schedule in your treatments at our Ashwood Clinic (conveniently reached from Melbourne, Chadstone, Mount Waverley, Malvern and Camberwell).

Step 3: Schedule a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial Treatment Session at our lovely Melbourne Clinic in Ashwood.

  • If you’re a suitable candidate for PRP, after your assessment, you can book in a time for your first PRP Facial treatment.
  • Allow 60 minutes or slightly longer for your first treatment.
  • You can pay by cash or credit card or over the phone if you’re buying a package.

Step 4: PRP Facial Treatment Day – get your skin cleansed.

  • Come in and relax in our beautiful treatment rooms as we prepare your skin with a deep cleanse.
  • Then we’ll apply topical numbing cream.
  • We temporarily cover the numbing cream applied to your skin, with wrap, to help with penetration.
  • The wrap is removed before treatment.


Step 5: Facial numbing cream is applied before your PRP treatment.

Your face will then be temporarily covered with plastic wrap, to aid penetration and effectiveness of the numbing agents (your eyes and mouth will be left uncovered).


Step 6: Have your blood drawn, quickly and comfortably, by our expert blood extraction nurse with a micro-fine needle.

  • Did we mention our nurses are very gentle and excellent and quick at getting your small vial of blood to process for the Platelet Rich Plasma “serum” we will apply during your skin needling Vampire Facial?
  • You’ll be very impressed with how gentle our Clinician’s are when they take this very small vial of blood from your arm, while you’re relaxing.


Step 7: As your numbing cream goes to work, your PRP Clinician PROCESSES the blood to extract platelet rich plasma (full of nutrients for the body and skin).

Processing of the plasma is done in a centrifuge (it spins the vial to separate out the plasma).

It’s nothing fancy but it does the trick, and centrifuge technology has been around for decades!


Step 8: Once the plasma is processed and ready, your Clinician uses a micro-needling device (a Dermapen) and the vial of plasma to treat the face.

  • Your Clinician then goes over your face with a Dermapen (skin needling device or micro-needling).
  • This is an instrument that uses very micro-fine needles to gentle stimulate the skin, creating micro-tunnels for the plasma to enter the dermis.
  • The skin-needling helps penetration of the protein rich, nutrient full plasma, into your dermis (skin).
  • It’s also called ‘meso-needling’ – by now, however, your skin should be fairly numbed, and it’s just a matter of getting comfortable with the sensation.
  • As you can see in the image below, the client is looking fairly relaxed!
  • At the end of the session, other products may be used on the skin.


Step 9: After treatment, you’ll probably be a bit red and the face could look slightly ‘dotted’.

  • That’s normal. Your skin will then heal and rejuvenate itself (at deeper levels, cellular turnover happens over several weeks or months).
  • Just follow the protocol your Clinician recommends; and return for your  next treatment as scheduled.
  • Avoid the desire to touch your skin and be sure you keep your hands clean.
  • It can even help to use a fresh, clean pillowcase at home each night for a few nights in a row.

You’ll then likely have a LED facial session and/or be given instructions for how to care for your skin over the next few days (don’t touch!)

Step 10: Some treatments may also include Low Level Light Therapy, which helps assist with transitional redness and has rejuvenating, healing properties of its own.

Our clients love Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) because it is warm and relaxing as well as having beneficial healing properties according to research studies.

Vampire Facials: RESULTS

What can you expect from a PRP FACIAL treatment?

The main benefits of a package of PRP Facial treatments include smoother skin, reduced textural imperfections (giving you a more even skin texture or skin tone), firmer looking skin that has a glow and both looks – and feels – revitalised; and a generally more refreshed look.  It can also be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars or other facial scars; and it can help reduce the appearance of superficial lines and wrinkles (depending on the level of sun damage and/or your skin’s ageing processes).

Some people say they feel their skin looks younger after treatments, and we believe that’s because the cells have been stimulated to renew and strengthen in terms of collagen or skin strength, as well as improved skin circulation and skin cell function.

Here’s more information on Vampire Facial Results using PRP and skin needling methods (micro-needling or meso-needling):

  • Skin rejuvenates itself regularly, and with PRP methods, you’ll notice that it has a more refined texture, may feel or look plumper and smoother, and has an appealing glow.
  • Some of your PRP facial results will be visible immediately, but the best results tend to take a few months to reveal themselves – that’s because genuine skin rejuvenation processes and renewal processes begin deeply in the dermis and take time to reach your outer skin.
  • Having the 5 PRP Facial treatment package is going to help you see better results than a one-off treatment – ask your Clinician for more details about why repeated PRP treatments are more likely to get your skin the best results (the cumulative rejuvenation effect).
  • But don’t ruin your results by using the wrong home skin care products – make sure you’re using our cosmeceutical grade skin care products – ask your Clinician what will be best for your skin concerns and lifestyle.

Ready for a PRP facial treatment series at our Clinic in Melbourne (Ashwood near Chadstone and Mount Waverley)?

  • Do you want smoother, more radiant, more evenly toned or smoother textured skin?
  • Try this state of the art, scientifically based Facial Treatment at our Melbourne HAIR & SKIN SCIENCE Clinic in Ashwood.
  • Phone today or visit our contact page.
  • Best Contact Number for our PRP Facial Treatment Hair & Skin Science Clinic Team in Melbourne: 0472 647 011

We look forward to helping YOU get your skin looking more radiant and smooth.



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