You’ve likely heard of PRP treatments – also known as the “Vampire Facial” as it uses micro-needling of the skin (skin needling) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to encourage skin rejuvenation to improve the texture, strength and firmness of your skin.

So what’s involved with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments at our Melbourne Clinic?

  • The treatment is very effective in smoothing out the skin’s texture and improving skin plumpness, all of which enhances the facial appearance.
  • PRP can even help some clients even-out old acne scars.
  • Primarily, however, it is used to encourage rejuvenation of the skin by improving skin circulation, strengthening underlying structures and stimulating healthy cellular function.  All by adding plasma (a serum made from processing your own body’s blood cells) in a process called micro-needling.
  • It has other key applications as well, including hair restoration and hair regrowth stimulation to treat baldness, tendon injury management and more.

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) infusion technique is also known as ‘meso-needling’, skin needling or Dermapen.

The steps to getting PRP treatments or “vampire facials” at our Melbourne clinic include:

  1. An in-clinic exploration of your skin, your skin health and skin appearance goals to assess your suitability for these effective skin rejuvenation treatments.
  2. Determining whether you want to pay for each PRP facial treatment as you go ($350) or buy a discounted package (5 for $999 or 10 for $1500).
  3. Scheduling your monthly facial sessions (PRP treatments take about 60 minutes eacch, including LED light therapy after your treatment).
  4. Avoiding active products just before and after your PRP session (your Clinician will give you details on how to care for your skin BEFORE and AFTER getting PRP treatments).
  5. Attending your PRP sessions as scheduled.
  6. Following the post-PRP treatment protocols including avoiding touching your face after having meso-needling with PRP (skin needling and protein rich plasma).
  7. Examining your results over time (you can use photographs if they are done in the exact same settings and lighting/time of day/season) to see your results.


PRP Treatment – How to optimise your results from facials involving micro-needling and Protein Rich Plasma (PRP):

  • A minimum package of five (5) PRP treatments usually gets better results than having a single treatment, in terms of the skin rejuvenation and skin smoothing outcomes available from these skin needling sessions.
  • If, however, you are treating acne scars, sun damage or other conditions that have been longstanding, a more intensive treatment package can be of benefit.
  • The beauty of these treatments is that they involve very little downtime and are quite effective for a variety of skin types, skin colours and textures. Unlike lasers, they don’t have the high risk of hyper-pigmentation, and there is typically less swelling and less down time.
  • However, you may be a bit pink or red for several days afterwards and you’ll have a protocol to follow.
  • Discounted packages can reduce your micro-needling facials by $200 each – for example, $350 for one session vs $150 per session when you buy 10 at $1500.

Is PRP effective for skin rejuvenation or textural improvements?

Ready to get started on your own PRP based skin rejuvenation facials in Melbourne at our lovely Hair & Skin Science Clinic in Ashwood? Call and ask for a “vampire facial” suitability assessment.