PRP Hair Loss Melbourne Treatment Clinic – get directions to our stellar “Hair and Skin Science” clinic near Chadstone, Victoria.

“Hair & Skin Science” – one of Melbourne’s most popular Clinics for service excellence in hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation treatments – is readily found by using your Apple maps app, your Google Play Maps for Smart Phones or Google Maps.  A short 7 minute drive from Chadstone Shopping Centre. Our Clinic is also easily reached via public transport (bus).

There are lovely cafes and grocery stores nearby – so allow a bit of extra time and have a shop, or a meal, BEFORE or AFTER your treatment.

What’s the best way to reach Hair & Skin Science in Melbourne?

The map below reveals just how convenient SKIN & HAIR SCIENCE’s PRP Hair Restoration & Skin Care Treatment Clinic is to reach from inner eastern Melbourne suburbs, including:

  • Chadstone

  • Ashwood

  • Toorak

  • Camberwell

  • Caufield

  • Forest Hill

  • Burwood and Burwood East

  • Malvern

  • Mount Waverley

  • Oakley

  • Glen Huntley

  • Blackburn

Where exactly is your Melbourne PRP Hair Regrowth Clinic and Skin Care Clinic located?

We are located close to Chadstone, in a boutique style clinic at 539 Warrigal Road in Ashwood, Victoria. 

If you’re not sure of the best way to reach us, phone: 0472 647 011 for directions.  Appointments only – but we may have same-day appointments, just ask!

Free assessments of your suitability for hair restoration treatments – plus, a Risk Reversal Promise!

Chadstone hair-loss-prp-clinic-best-directions-google-maps

How far is your PRP Hair Restoration Clinic from Chadstone?

Our hair regrowth & skin care clinic is just 4 kilometres away from Chadstone Shopping Centre (a 7 minute car ride or 17 minutes by bus).

Our Melbourne Clinic is conveniently located in Ashwood, very close to Chadstone, Burwood and Mount Waverley. Phone our Hair & Skin Science team if you need help with directions; otherwise, click here to view a MAP where our Melbourne clinic is located. You can use Google Maps (good directions to our Hair & Science Clinic). there’s also plenty of free parking available – just ask our Team.

Click here for DRIVING DIRECTIONS to our Hair & Skin Science Clinic from the Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Free Hair Restoration Treatment Consultation – Melbourne Hair & Skin Science Clinic – we also offer a 100% Risk Reversal Promise.

You may have tried other methods for hair regrowth, such as oral medications or other topical solutions – but if you haven’t tried the complete Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), scalp stimulation using Dermapen/Micro-needling – plus a dedicated home regime that is scientifically advanced treatments for suitable candidates who want to regrow hair, you may be missing out on one of the most effective treatments available to regrow your hair.

  • Schedule your FREE hair restoration consultation to see if you’re a suitable candidate for our scientifically advanced, research supported PRP hair regrowth treatments to combat unwanted hair loss on your scalp. Phone us on 0472647011 today! Or email us from our Contact Page.
  • You’ll be glad to know that we offer FREE assessments of your suitability for these innovative PRP hair regrowth treatments PLUS a Risk Reversal Promise (refund) guarantee.
  • We’ll help you get here and we’ll tell you where you can park, for FREE, while you’re having your skin care, facials or PRP hair regrowth treatments.

Are your PRP scalp needing hair regrowth treatments and other methods, guaranteed to work?

  • PRP treatments can be effective for the right clients; but it won’t work for everyone.
  • The first step is to have an assessment at our Clinic.
  • The great news is that we are as committed to you succeeding as you are (and you’ll have to follow your home care regime exactly).
  • It does take patients before you see results, but we have a RISK REVERSAL promise that enables you to get a refund if you get NO hair regrowth results.

So, if you’re wanting to try our RISK REVERSAL PROMISE guarantee of hair regrowth using our platelet rich plasma (PRP), meso-needling and home care regimes, phone us to arrange an appointment at our Melbourne Hair Restoration Clinic near Chadstone and Mount Waverley.

What does the scientific research say about these PRP treatments for hair loss or balding?

There have been several small studies and peer reviewed journal publications that show positive support for PRP treatments as being effective to treat hair loss and to stimulate hair regrowth on scalps.

Firstly, we strongly encourage you to Read the Research findings supporting the potential effectiveness of PRP treatments for hair loss and for treating early stages of premature balding.

Secondly, we think you’ll benefit from reading these helpful Blog Resources about hair loss causes, treatments and the potential effectiveness of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) scalp treatments and growth factor delivery to your scalp using scalp needling (meso-needling) such as via a DermaPen or similar skin needling instrument.

PRP Hair Regrowth/Scalp Treatment for Men – procedure page

Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Blog: “Are there really balding treatments that work?”

Types of Hair Loss – Causes and treatments for premature hair loss and bald spots

Hair Transplant Vs PRP Treatments

Hair Transplant Vs Hair Restoration using PRP

One of the best new scientific directions in hair loss treatments over hair transplant options is PRP for hair regrowth.

PRP and topical solutions can help clients avoid the risks of side effects of using oral medications to regrow hair.

Hair Loss Treatment – New Directions in Treating Baldness indicate Topical Treatments May be Effective and avoid the side effects of oral medications.

Why our clients think PRP hair loss treatments are great for regrowing hair on a thinning scalp:

  • It works on suitable candidates – hair regrowth can be seen in 3 to 6 months and new growth has been shown to be well-anchored
  • It can help prevent further hair loss by keeping existing, active hair follicles active and functioning in a healthy, hair growing way
  • The hair that does grow looks like your hair – it may even appear to look like younger, stronger and thicker hair than you’ve been growing, thanks to the stimulating scalp and follicle rejuvenation effects that help you regrow your hair.

Before and After Photos: PRP Hair Loss Treatment Series for Hair Restoration

Examples of patients we’ve treated with PRP based hair restoration (hair loss treatment examples/ Before & After Photos) – all rights reserved by Hair & Skin Science in Melbourne.

Hair Regrowth Treatment - before and after

Ready to get some great advice for how you can re-stimulate your hair to grow, and find out the best driving directions to get to our highly regarded Melbourne Hair & Skin clinic near Chadstone?

Best contact number to book an appointment (FREE hair loss treatment consultations are available) – on 0472 647 011

Or visit our Contact Page and send us an enquiry form or email.

Clinic Address (see map links above):

539 Warrigal Road
Ashwood 3147

Phone: 0472 647 011