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Premature Balding: Do Hair Regrowth Treatments actually work? The answer is that scientifically based PRP treatments with the right home care hair products DO work for select clients.

Male Pattern Baldness: Are there Treatments that Work?

With excerpts from Medical News Today: Hair Loss & Balding: Finding an Effective Treatment Clinic in Melbourne

At Hair & Skin Science in Melbourne, we take your hair regrowth needs seriously. We give you honest advice, a RISK REVERSAL offer at six months of treatment, and the best in scientifically based hair restoration and hair regrowth treatments to help you hold on to your head of hair – for longer.

Read the Research on Effective Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Treatments for balding including Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) and growth factors

We help men and women reduce thinning patches on their scalp with healthier, lusher hair regrowth, by stimulating the hair follicles to be more active.

Of course, it won’t work for every single person. The less active hair follicles you have on your scalp, the more challenging it is to achieve the hair regrowth.

But if you have healthy hair follicles and a few balding patches or a receding hairline, we can often help you get some of your hair back – even most of your hair back if you start early enough – through our advanced hair regrowth strategies including PRP (Protein Rich Plasma microneedling along with a special at-home hair regrowth program). This is one of the most effective, quickest ways to get your hair regrowth to where you’re seeing results and happier with your hairline.

Don’t wait until you’re completely bald – or mostly balding – to start hair regrowth treatments.

do-baldness-treatments-work-cover-bald-spot-with-hair-regrowthDon’t wait until you’re fully bald – as soon as you notice you’re hair line is receding or you have a bald spot that’s beginning to take up more space on the back of your scalp, phone us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Our Clinic is clean, warm, inviting and scientifically based.

There’s easy street parking out front and there’s parking on the side roads as well, and you’ll experience our client care excellence at every level of your hair regrowth journey.

We want you to succeed in hair regrowth treatments – we give you everything you need to aim to get there.


  • Many men start losing hair in their 20s and 30s
  • With premature hair loss or early balding, which is primarily genetic and extremely common, many men become fully bald or nearly completely bald by their late 30s, early 40s and 50s.
  • IF you start hair regrowth treatments at the earliest signs of hair loss and thinning hair on the scalp, you’ll have a much better chance of successful hair regrowth AND premature balding prevention.
  • If you wait until you are completely bald – or nearly fully bald – you may not have enough active hair follicles to have an effective treatment regime.

So the answer for Hair Restoration is, START EARLY if you want to regrow your hair and prevent balding or thinning scalp hair.


First, male baldness – what are the causes baldness in men?

Reasons men go bald in their 20s or 30s or later

The three primary contributors to unwanted hair loss and balding of the scalp in males are

  • heredity (male pattern baldness) – it is an extremely COMMON condition and the majority of men lose most of their hair by their fifties or sixties
  • medication side effect (such as after cancer treatments)
  • extreme stress
  • other medical conditions

Are you wanting to know the reasons you’re going bald at an early age?


It’s likely hereditary, but if you suddenly experience extreme or unusual hair loss, you’ll need to seek medical attention right away.

Sometimes certain health conditions or medication side effects can also be at play. But most men experience baldness due to the cause of inheriting the condition of male pattern baldness, which is an extremely common condition.

See the male pattern baldness – early balding statistics – below.

If you start to notice an enlarging hair-part line (more scalp visibility where you part your hair, or along the forehead and temples, that’s the best time to start hair regrowth and hair follicle stimulation & regeneration treatments using proven methods that are scientifically based.

Hair Restoration – Scientifically Advanced Methods that Work for Selected Clients are Available at our Melbourne Hair & Skin Science Clinic in Ashwood near Mount Waverley and Chadstone.

If you have a healthy amount of active hair follicles but are thinning on top, we can usually help you achieve good hair regrowth and hair restoration results if you follow the in clinic and at home care plan precisely as we prescribe.  It’s a commitment – but if you want a healthier looking scalp with reduced balding areas or more hair coverage of balding areas, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.  All with the six month RISK REVERSAL offer.

Before and After Hair Restoration Treatments

Scientifically Advanced Methods to regrow or restore hair after early balding and other hair loss in men and women

An example of a client treated at our clinic is shown below (all rights reserved).

We are happy to show you many more before and after photos (de-identified) when you come in for a no-obligation consultation.

How much does the series of hair regrowth treatment costs?

The first series of treatments, including EVERYTHING (fortnightly PRP treatments and at home products and prescriptions) usually runs $1300 PLUS GST.

To continue PRP for the next 3 months, there are special package prices for a series of treatments.  Once you get your hair to where you like it, then you’ll want to continue MONTHLY treatments to optimise your results and reduce the likelihood or more rapid balding or of losing your results.

Most clients notice results within the 3 months, but even better results occur around the six month mark, when the treatments have their cumulative effects.

NOTE: You must follow our protocols precisely both in clinic and at home to optimise your chances of maximum hair regrowth with our PRP scalp treatments and at home hair restoration products.


Is there a guarantee hair regrowth treatments or balding prevention treatments will work for me?

  • Hair regrowth won’t work for everyone.
  • We will do an assessment and we’ll be honest as to what we think your changes are for regrowing a thicker, healthier head of hair or reducing a balding patch on the scalp.

But if we think you’re a good candidate for our advanced treatments including PRP for hair restoration and premature balding prevention, we’ll give you our RISK REVERSAL OFFER terms.

RISK REVERSAL OFFER:  We are so confident in our hair restoration and hair regrowth techniques, that – if you see NO improvement after six months of treatment even though you followed the protocols exactly – we will give you a full refund.


Balding Treatments to Reduce Hair Loss, Prevent Premature Balding from getting worse quickly, and To Regrow Hair (Hair Restoration and Regrowth) for Men & Women

10 Facts about premature hair loss and early balding in men/males – how common is male pattern baldness? The answer is: Very common.

  1. It’s considered hereditary – blame your genes.
  2. The formal name for male pattern baldness is: androgenetic alopecia.
  3. The condition is related to certain sex hormones and changes in their levels.
  4. It leads to anxiety and a loss of self esteem; some women like bald men but many men feel more confident and sexy with more hair.
  5. Not everyone LOOKS good with a shaved, or bald, scalp.
  6. It affects two thirds of men by age 35, and around 85 percent of men by the age of 50.
  7. Approximately 50 to 100 hairs lost a day is about the average; more than that, and it may indicate a medical condition or a genetic tendency towards male pattern baldness.
  8. There are over 100,000 hair follicles on the scalp – and hair regrowth treatments work best when there are still a good number of functional hair follicles as well as balding patches. Hair follicles, as do all cells in the human body including skin cells, have cycles.
  9. Hair growth isn’t constant in a follicle; a hair follicle typically produces hair for approximately 2 years to up to 5 or 6 years; then the cell “goes on vacation or holiday” for a few months, before resuming hair growth.

What can be done to get your hair to grow back after you start going bald.

The scientifically proven method for selected clients who want to regrow hair or cover a baldspot with new hair growth is a combination of procedures.

We use Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) scalp microneedling (it’s actually quite comfortable and works tremendously well for selected clients) along with hair regrowth prescriptions and home care products – all designed to REVERSE balding, REDUCE premature balding, and RESTORE or REGROW hair.

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Click here to read the research on effectiveness of Hair Restoration treatments using Platelet Rich Plasma and micro-needling of the scalp.

Hair Loss & Hair Regrowth Treatment Research – Source

SOURCE:  Accessed online on 27 May 2018.
Ready to get started with treatments for bald spots, thinning scalp hair or a receding hairline? Don’t delay – these treatments work best when suitable candidates seek early treatment.  That’s because the healthier and more abundant your existing hair follicles, and the smaller the bald spot(s), the more effective these PRP treatments can be. Also, the more readily they can reduce further hair loss whilst encouraging new hair growth to help you cover your scalp with healthy, often-shining hair.
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