Hair Removal: Unwanted hair on your face, body, underarms, legs, stomach, toes, back, groin area or bikini line area? Try laser hair removal using our state of the art IPL Laser Hair Removal services in Melbourne (Ashwood location, near Chadstone).

Are you wanting to try laser hair removal, or get a top up after letting the hair regrow? Our Clinicians have one of the latest state-of-the-art IPL machines to help you remove and reduce unwanted hair.

These hair removal treatments can help you stop painful, messy and repeated waxing.

Does Laser Hair Removal work?

Yes, laser hair removal will reduce your hair in treated areas.

It is however, classified more as a reduction (permanent reduction) than full permanent removal of all hair in the treated area.

That noted, many clients have great success in having hardly any hair return in the fully treated areas; but other clients, depending on their bodies, cells and hormones, may have some hair return (usually after a year or more) and may require a top up series of treatments.

But it’s often a much smaller area or far less hair to treat.

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How long getting laser hair removal take?

  • You will need a test patch before proceeding, so plan on 2 appointments to get started.
  • Your first assessment appointment can take 30 to 60 minutes BUT you can combine it with a facial treatment, then come back for your hair removal treatment.
  • You’ll typically be need to attend a series of hair removal treatments every few weeks, for up to a few months.
  • You’ll be treated in our beautiful, caring boutique style clinic in Ashwood (located near Chadstone and Mount Waverley).
  • Melbourne Hair Removal using Lasers (an IPL or intense pulsed light technology) can take anywhere from 10 minutes to treat
  • Depending on which area(s) you’re having treated, it’s not much longer than a waxing appointment. Sometimes quicker!
  • Call us to find out how long each area will take and how you can combine hair removal – ask us about our hair removal specials and discount packages.


Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Some of the treated hair follicles will become disabled, for several years or longer, after having laser hair removal.

But it won’t typically be the same as you had when you had to shave every few days (or more frequently); and it’ll typically be either finer looking hair or less hair coverage.

But in treated areas, there are always some follicles that are a bit more stubborn and resilient.

  • Over time, if you continue your follow up treatments, you may become hair-free in the treated areas.
  • But in general, expect a bit of regrowth or resurfacing of active hair follicles in about 12 to 18 months up to 4 or 5 years in the treated areas.
  • It’s usually a lot less than before you started treatments, and annual follow up treatments are recommended to assist in keeping unwanted hair regrowth at bay.

Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal

Most patients who try hair removal using lasers or IPL DO see a noticeable long-term reduction in hair regrowth.

However, hair grows in cycles.

  • To have effective hair removal, using IPL or other lasers, requires a series of hair removal treatments over a few months.
  • This helps the hair removal laser to target different hair follicle growth

What kind of follow up is needed for Laser Hair Removal or Reduction treatments?

  • Follow up care: 1 to 3 hair reduction maintenance treatments, scheduled approximately 12 to 18 months apart, may be necessary.
  • Some clients may need more frequent follow up treatments but typically will achieve a year or more of being mostly hair free – or having very reduced hair regrowth – in the areas treated for hair removal.
  • Additional follow up care instructions – such as avoiding sun exposure on treated areas – and not using active products for several days or weeks BEFORE or AFTER treatments – will be provided at your consultation.
  • Most individuals love not having to shave, wax or pluck after having laser or IPL based hair removal.

Hair removal trends: an update

IPL Style Laser Hair Removal machines have been around for decades.

They Are Not Necessarily New in the hair removal service space. However, the COOLING Head Technology has evolved.

  • Lasers are extremely popular for men and women who want to reduce hair growth on their bodies.
  • We waited until we felt IPL laser treatments reached a state of design that made them less uncomfortable for

What kind of hair removal laser equipment do you use in Melbourne?

We use the PALOMAR STARLUX 500 for our hair removal services in Melbourne.

Laser hair removal treatments are affordable, quick, and usually less uncomfortable to undergo than painful, messy waxing.

Great IPL Hair Removal Is Available At Our Caring Clinic In Ashwood, Conveniently Located Near Glen Waverley, Chadstone, Glen Iris, Ashburton And Malvern.

We are excited to report that after extensive research into IPL laser hair technologies, we selected a state of the art IPL technology to help clients reduce UNWANTED hair.

  • We did extensive hair removal research, and we chose a cooling-head method and high-tech IPL machine so YOU can get the best results available for hair reduction and skin rejuvenation.
  • We chose the Palomar StarLux 500 because its a state of the art Intense Pulsed Light laser – and gets excellent results.
  • It offers a quick and effective way to reduce your unwanted hair on your legs, arm pits, face, chin, back, neckline, shoulders – even your sensitive areas for man-scaping or brazilian ‘waxing’ (say goodbye to messy waxing and reduce those ingrown hairs).

Melbourne Hair Removal – laser is one of the most effective ways to remove or reduce hair on Backs

Melbourne Hair Removal –  Legs, Bikini Line, Genitals/Brazillian – laser is a great alternative to waxing for bikini area and overall body hair reduction

Melbourne Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women –  Shoulders, necks,  arms, legs, genital areas


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