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If you search for hair restoration, hair transplant surgery is one of the options you’ll discover. But what are the pros and cons of trying a less invasive, more affordable and less painful method first – scientifically advanced, research supported Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and scalp needling micro-needling?

Hair Restoration using PRP vs Hair Transplant – Pros and Cons

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and scalp needling micro-needling is very effective at regrowing hair.

PRP hair restoration methods uses your own plasma to stimulate hair regrowth. How it works: a small vial of your blood is taken by a Nurse, then safely processed into platelet rich plasma (in essence, a nutrient rich and fully natural ‘serum’).  These condensed nutrients and growth factors are then applied topically to the scalp, using micro-needling for deeper penetration, to help stimulate new hair growth.  This achieves follicular stimulation, in part due to the needling and in part to the nutrient-rich plasma, which has a cellular rejuvenation effect.

  • The PRP method for hair restoration that we prefer is also called Meso-Needling or scalp needling (micro-needling) using DermaPen.
  • It uses very fine needles (smaller than an eyelash) to gentle probe the dermal areas where you want your hair to regrow.
  • These micro-fine channels allow the nutrients and growth factors in your own plasma to help rejuvenate your scalp for hair regrowth.
  • We prioritise your comfort, safety and sterility at all times – plus, you’ll get Healite II Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) after a treatment to help your scalp recover faster.

Read PRP hair regrowth treatment effectiveness: scientific research here.

Hair transplant vs PRP Hair Restoration treatments for balding Melbourne PRP treatments research into effective hair regrowth without drugs

Let’s first compare the costs of hair transplant procedures compared to the cost of PRP scalp needling and topical home care options at our Melbourne Clinic.

Cost Comparison of Hair Transplant vs PRP Treatments for hair loss (Melbourne Prices)

How much more expensive is the cost of hair transplant vs the cost of PRP treatments?

  • A hair transplant option may be four or more times more expensive than a series of PRP treatments by our expert Clinicians.
  • More details on cost comparisons are below.
  • In general, however, expect the cost of hair transplant surgery by an expert in Melbourne to run well above $10,000 to $20,000 or more.
  • The cost of a series of PRP treatments is usually half to 25% of the price of hair transplant, and for the right clients, it can be very effective as well as more affordable.

See us for an assessment of your suitability for PRP treatments.  Phone the Hair & Skin Science Team on 0472 647 011.

Comparison of Hair Transplant Surgery to PRP Scalp Treatments for Hair Loss & Hair Restoration

Benefits (PROS) of using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments vs Hair Transplant Surgery:

  • Scientifically Based – research shows that PRP is very effective to regrow hair in suitable candidates (READ the Research)
  • No Surgery, No Donor Sites – works with your own active follicles and your own plasma nutrients to stimulate other follicles to regrow hair
  • No Downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Hair regrowth options for men and women who have concerns about bald spots, thinning hair or receding hairlines (suitable candidates only)
  • Hair regrowth is strong and healthy for suitable candidates and can help cover bald spots or thinning hair
  • Receding hair lines or balding temple areas can be improved in as little as six months (sometimes sooner)
  • Treatments take about one hour each
  • Treats the entire scalp
  • Works in less than six months although ongoing maintenance is needed
  • Minimally invasive (micro-fine needles not ‘plugs’ and holes in the scalp as happens with hair transplants/hair follicles)
  • Combined with appropriate topical scalp treatments or topical medications, is very effective for suitable candidates
  • Risk Reversal Promise at Hair & Skin Science in Melbourne
  • At Hair & Skin Science in Ashwood (Melbourne), we offer a RISK REVERSAL promise – a refund at six months if there is NO improvement in hair regrowth.   Best Contact Number to schedule your confidential assessment for our Hair & Skin Science Team: 0472 647 011

Disadvantages (CONS) of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments for hair restoration and hair regrowth in men and women:

  • Suitable candidates only
    • If you’re very bald or over a certain age, it will tend to take longer or be less effective
    • It works best when you have adequate existing healthy hair follicles and want to reduce the receding hairline or cover balding patches or thinning hair
    • You must learn how hair regrowth works and understand hair follicle cycles – and patients is mandatory
  • Home Care Regime: Must follow dedicated home care regime using prescribed products for hair regrowth
  • Intensive treatment plans at first:  Must attend fortnightly micro-needling PRP treatments (scalp treatments using platelet rich plasma) for first three months
  • Ongoing Sessions to start with – Must then attend monthly PRP treatments for 3 months, followed by a special maintenance plan (customised for each hair restoration client)
  • Home care regime is crucial – requires diligence and dedication and ongoing hair care products to aid regrowth and prevent further hair loss
  • Treatment Commitment – Must invest in at least six months of PRP treatments in order to see hair regrowth results


Compare Hair Transplant Surgery to Hair Restoration using PRP Scalp Needling and Protein Rich Plasma or Growth Factor Methods

Benefits (PROS) of undergoing Hair Transplant Surgery vs PRP Hair Restoration Treatments:

  • Can be effective for the right candidate
  • Can lead to a more fuller head of hair
  • Can customise where the hair follicles regrow
  • Customised treating of specific areas of the scalp or receding hairline
  • May look patchy as the hair grows (unlike micro-needling with PRP, it can be quite obvious to others you’ve had a hair transplant until the hair regrows)


Disadvantages (CONS) of Hair Transplant Surgery vs PRP Hair Restoration Treatments:

  • Suitable candidates only – must have adequate hair growth in healthy follicles on donor sites
  • More advanced cases of balding and certain types of hair loss may be difficult to treat effectively
  • Expensive – hair transplant procedures are often a lot more expensive than PRP methods
    • Cost for hair restoration is high (Melbourne comparisons) compared to PRP treatment investments of $1300 – $6000 (range)
    • Hair transplants costs can exceed $20,000 by expert hair restoration doctors
  • Time consuming treatments – several hours is not uncommon for hair transplant procedures, versus PRP hair restoration treatments that take an hour or less
  • Invasive – donor site and insertion sites are both impacted
  • Higher risk of infection due to more invasive nature of the procedure
  • Painful – numbing can help but it can be uncomfortable
  • Procedure time can take several hours or longer – that’s a long time to be uncomfortable
  • Because of the invasive nature of the transplant procedure, additional hair loss BEFORE hair regrowth is not uncommon
    • Hair loss of 10% to 20% at insertion sites and donor sites is not uncommon
    • It may regrow back but you may have additional transitional hair loss during the hair transplant treatment periods
  • Hair regrowth may look a lot different to your original hair (this can vary from client to client)
    • Hair plugs may have an unnatural ‘rowed’ appearance
    • Hair loss at donor sites, even if temporary, are often a concern to clients who are undergoing hair transplant procedures
  • Risk of sensation changes or cell function/nerve damage of the superficial scalp (sometimes transitional in nature)
  • Multiple treatments typically required
  • Results will be seen at about the six month mark and maintenance may be needed
  • Scars are possible and discomfort is common at the donor sites and the insertion sites, although some methods minimise scars and are less painful than others.
  • No RISK REVERSAL – the cost of treatment is usually NOT refundable for hair transplant procedures, whereas at Hair & Skin Science in Ashwood (Melbourne near Chadstone), we offer a RISK REVERSAL PROMISE if you don’t see hair regrowth within 6 months of treatment.

Debating about having Hair Transplant procedures to regrow hair, or do you want to try the less invasive, less expensive option of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) scalp needling treatments and home care?  See how much HAIR GROWTH you can achieve without a more invasive hair restoration procedure – all with our RISK REVERSAL PROMISE.

If after six months, you do not have ANY improvements in hair regrowth via our PRP treatments and at-home regimes, you’ll be eligible for a refund – it’s a RISK REVERSAL PROMISE – what do you have to lose?

Call us to schedule a FREE assessment of your suitability for PRP Hair Regrowth treatments for men and women.  Or visit our Contact Page and send us an enquiry.

  • Best Contact Number for our Hair & Skin Science Team: 0472 647 011
  • Best time to call:  Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm, later on Thursdays.
  • Please note we are discreet.
  • We maintain privacy and confidentiality of hair restoration clients (so if you work in the media or are a professional sports player or television personality, know that discretion is guaranteed).

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