Hair Regrowth Treatment Costs – Melbourne

For a detailed price list or custom treatment quote, to help regrow hair after hair loss or thinning hair, visit our Clinic or phone us on 0472 647 011.

Treatment & Hair Restoration Program Prices

Hair regrowth plans to help you combat early baldness and reduce hair loss or restore hair growth when you suffer from male pattern baldness or other forms of unwanted hair loss.

Read our hair regrowth treatment plans and pricing on our Hair Restoration Page for Males with Thinning Hair or early baldness (premature hair loss).

To effectively treat balding and hair loss, both an in-clinic and at home hair restoration treatment regime will give you the best chance of success.  So if you need any hair restoration products, we can ship to you for next day delivery (within 55 kilometres of our Ashwood Hair & Skin Science Clinic location).  ** Get NEXT DAY DELIVERY if you order before 2 pm.**  Phone us for details.

Scalp Meso-Needling PRP Program

  • 6 sessions in clinic (PRP for Hair Regrowth)
  • Plus 3 months of supply of Hair Regrowth Home Care Products (Package) – $1,399 AUD

Scalp Meso-Needling Mixed PRP + SGF Package

  • 3 sessions in clinic (PRP for Hair Regrowth)
  • Plus 3 sessions of SGF Hair  – $750 AUD

Other products that help you regrow hair:

  • 7% Minoxidil (60 ml) -$70 (Prescription only)
  • Special Hair Regrowth SHAMPOO – $45 AUD

Activance Practitioner Products

  • Practitioner Formula – Activance – $95 AUD
  • Hair Regrowth – Hair and Scalp SHAMPOO – Activance – $45 AUD
  • Hair and Scalp CONDITIONER for Hair Regrowth – Activance – $45 AUD
  • Alleviate – $35
  • Vitalise – $35

Find out about our Cosmetic Injectable Treatments and prices in Melbourne.

Click here (cosmetic injecting costs web page, for Melbourne, coming soon).

  • If you have a bald spot you want to cover with new hair regrowth – or you have male pattern baldness – phone us to book in for an assessment of what treatments might work best for you.
  • We have talented Clinicians who can assist you to regrow hair after baldness or premature hair loss (men and women).

We have several approaches to helping you regrow your hair when you’re suffering from early hair loss or male pattern baldness.

Phone us to find out more about how we can help you recover hair growth patterns after premature hair loss.

Best Contact Number for the Hair & Skin Science Team for hair regrowth treatments, baldness treatments, or cosmetic injections and skin care for men and women:  Phone: 0472 647 011.



Treatments for hair regrowth for men and women – Melbourne and Ashwood, conveniently located near Chadstone, Camberwell, Malvern and Mount Waverley.

  • Please note that not all treatments may be suitable for every type of hair loss.
  • Our experts in Hair Restoration and Hair Regrowth will advise you on what your options are for regrowing hair after unwanted hair loss or early pattern baldness (men and women).
  • There are a number of options and, if you’re a suitable candidate, you’ll start seeing results in as little as 3 to 6 months of treatment.
  • We also have a guarantee for “risk reversal” – find out more in a consultation.

BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS of hair regrowth are available in our clinic when you attend a consultation.

  • We provide hair regrowth and male pattern baldness hair restoration treatments for a variety of men and women.
  • Many are professionals working in key areas of the public, including television and sports.
  • We can show you de-identified BEFORE & AFTER PIP Hair Restoration Treatment RESULTS PHOTOS in our clinic.

Just schedule a free consultation and no obligation appointment to assess your hair regrowth needs, by phoning us, today.

Our clinic is conveniently located in Ashwood and very convenient to Mount Waverley, Chadstone, Inner Eastern Melbourne Suburbs and more.

We recognise that our top hair and scalp treatment products can work for a majority of hair loss clients, who want to REGROW or RESTORE thicker, healthier hair to help cover areas of premature hair loss (or early balding) – such as receding hairlines, bald spots or thinning hair on the scalp.

Find out more – phone us today!

Don’t let that bald patch get increasingly bigger. Find out what can work to help you regrow thicker, healthier-looking hair to cover thinning areas of your scalp – and fight that receding hairline whilst you still have positive hair growth.

Remember, the earlier you start – and the younger your age – the more effective these hair regrowth treatments can be for suitable candidates.

Phone 0472 647 011 and ask us how you can reach your hair restoration and hair regrowth goals with our state of the art treatment regimes.


Order before 2 pm and get NEXT DAY DELIVERY of our leading scalp care, skin care & hair restoration products. Valid for locations located within 55 kilometres of our Ashwood Clinic.  

Remember, we have many photos to show you in out Clinic.

Some are on our website, but not all of our hair restoration clients in Melbourne are keen to SHOW their hair regrowth results photos, online, due to confidentiality and privacy reasons (we have many recognisable clients in Melbourne, but like many who work in the public eye, they value their privacy and confidentiality when it comes to their hair restoration treatments). So we honour that – we’ll show you de-identified photos of hair regrowth treatment results, when you visit our boutique-style clinic to assess what we can DO for your premature hair loss problems.

We look forward to helping you regrow hair after early hair loss/male pattern hair loss.