Female Balding – what are the causes and treatments available to regrow hair? Scientifically advanced PRP Hair Restoration Treatments are available at our Melbourne Hair Restoration Clinic, Hair and Skin Science in Ashwood (easy to reach from Chadstone, Burwood and Mount Waverley).

How to treat female balding in women or hair loss – scientifically based, effective Hair Regrowth Treatments: Treating Thinning Hair; Regrowing Hair: Female Baldness & Effective Treatments at Hair & Skin Science in Melbourne.

Read the RESEARCH on Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) scalp treatments to regrow hair – scientifically advanced hair restoration methods that do NOT rely on oral medications that cause unwanted side effects.

Hair loss and thinning hair can occur for a number of reasons in women.

From premature hair loss related to pregnancy, hormonal changes, medications, illness or alopecia, the result of unwanted hair loss and thinning hair can cause frustration and insecurity.  Then, there’s the noticeable bald spots or visible scalp along the hair part.


Hair and Skin Science clinicians can help a number of women who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair.

We may be able to help you REGROW your hair to look thicker or healthier, with special hair restoration methods that use state of the art technologies such as PRP (scalp needling) and home-use hair regrowth products.

What’s the best way to manage premature hair loss or thinning hair for women?

Come see our Hair & Skin Science clinicians and find out more about what can be done for your premature hair loss, thinning hair, female balding or other hair regrowth concern.

At our premier and boutique style clinic – Hair and Skin Science in Ashwood, close to Chadstone, Malvern and Mount Waverley, we offer female hair regrowth treatments for women.  Phone today on 0472-647-011.

These treatments can help improve your hair follicle activity.  Treatments encourage your scalp to help produce a resurgence of thicker, healthier looking hair growth.

These scientifically-based hair regrowth treatments, combined with our expert clinician advice and a holistic home-care product line, can help women (and men) achieve optimal hair regrowth results to reduce the confidence losses that are prevalent with early balding or premature hair loss for women and men.

female-balding-hair-regrowth-treatments-melbourneBaldness is a concern to women as well as males. Find out what effective treatments are available by phoning our caring team at Hair & Skin Science.

Premature hair loss and thinning hair are common problems as we age. Fortunately, Hair and Skin Science can help women who suffer from prematurely thinning hair or unwanted hair loss.

If you are a woman with a bald spot or thinning hair on your scalp, phone us today for the best in customer service and scientifically proven methods to help regrow hair. Our Hair restoration treatments are based on comprehensive, scientifically proven methods to stimulate hair regrowth and minimise balding or thicken up areas where you’re suffering from thinning hair.

We can assess your female hair loss condition. We will suggest which in-clinic and at-home hair restoration/regrowth treatments might best help you recover a scalp of thicker looking hair, and help you to prevent further hair loss or early baldness.

hair-regrowth-restoration-women-chadstone-thin-hairHair Regrowth Treatments for women CAN be quite effective in managing, reducing or preventing hair loss.

But hair regrowth treatment TIMING is crucial.

Restorative hair treatments work best for women and men, when you have active follicles as well as areas of thinning.

Call us before it’s too late to regrow hair in the places you are thinning or experiencing bald spots or bald patches. Phone us today on  0472 647 011 and ask for one of our female hair regrowth/hair restoration expert Clinicians.

Why do women get premature hair loss, thinning hair or female balding?

The Most common types of female baldness or thinning hair include:

Female baldness or pattern baldness

Definition/Reasons for baldness in women:

  • Permanent hair loss from the scalp which may have a genetic component OR may occur in relation to medications, cancer treatments or other reasons.
  • Sometimes an underlying medical reason is at play; other times, it’s a condition that exists in perfectly healthy women.
  • Pregnancy, menopause, birth control pills, soy products or soy intake, supplements, medications and other factors may impact balding in women.
  • Stress and shock can lead to sudden hair loss (read more on hair loss causes and treatments page).

Alopecia areata

Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap.

Telogen effluvium

A typically reversible condition where your hair falls out after you have a highly stressful experience or period of intense stress.  You may notice more hair on your comb, or on the bathroom floor, or on your clothing, and eventually see patches of hair loss or even bald spots.  Female hair regrowth treatments can be used to help encourage hair restoration after losing hair from stressful situations.

Anagen effluvium

An abnormal loss of hair during the first phase (anagen) of the hair’s growth cycle.

From an article in the Guardian about female hair loss and treatment options for prematurely thinning hair in women :

“Genetic hair loss is the only hair loss in which the follicle gradually gets smaller and finer, and produces smaller and finer hair, until it stops altogether. And then you get the thinning [Lyons]”.

Are you experiencing more hair loss than normal, or thinning hair (women/females)?

Come see us for an assessment and treatment recommendation to restore or regrow hair. We’ll let you know if you’re a suitable candidate for treatments, how long it might take, what it will cost to have hair restoration treatments, and how to look after your hair and scalp at home, for best results.

You don’t have to suffer from a prematurely balding scalp or hair-part line thinning of the hair.  Come see us before those balding, thinning patches on your scalp get worse.

Treatment times and costs for Hair Restoration:

Getting hair regrowth & hair restoration treatments sooner rather than later means it usually:

  • will cost less for hair regrowth treatments
  • the results will be better for hair restoration
  • you’ll be better equipped with knowledge about how to prevent hair from thinning or becoming prematurely thin or balding

The best time to commence hair regrowth treatments is in the earlier stages of hair loss. At this stage of hair loss, there is often a mix of both healthy and damaged hair cells.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HAIR RESTORATION TREATMENTS in MELBOURNE – AND WHAT MAKES A GOOD CANDIDATE.  We are very close to Chadstone, Mount Waverley, Ashwood and Malvern.

Our clients love our Hair Regrowth & Skin Science clinic because:

We believe in SCIENCE and we treat all of our clients with respect, high standards and excellent care.

And best of all, we work collaboratively with you to optimise your chances of having hair regrowth to cover thinning scalp hair.

We treat men AND women and we make sure they know what their options are, and how to look after their scalp and hair at home, to optimise their hair regrowth or hair restoration endeavours.  And we make sure we use scientifically based treatment regimes and excellent customer service so YOU know you’re being cared for at every step of the way.

Our hair regrowth treatments work to help stimulate new hair growth and increase blood flow to the hair follicles for a healthier scalp, for women who have early hair loss or thinning hair, and for men with hair loss or balding.

Phone today on 0472-647-011.

We are also open on SATURDAYS for your convenience.

We currently offer two scientifically based hair regrowth treatment options to treat thinning hair or prematurely balding scalps (men & women).

Treatments for Female Hair Loss/Early Balding: Scalp meso-needling with PRP

Treatments for Hair Loss, Hair Thinning and Prevention of Premature Balding are available from our highly respected Clinicians at Hair & Skin Science Clinic in Melbourne.

Activance Practitioner

Scalp Meso-Needling
with PRP can help women encourage hair regrowth

Do you suffer from early hair loss or thinning hair? Are you tired of seeing the scalp though ever-thinning hair?

If you’re a suitable candidate for our scientifically based treatments to regrow hair and prevent further balding, we can help you with our hair restoration treatments.  Phone us today on  0472 647 011.

PRP = (Platelet-rich plasma) – a method to help hair regrowth or prevent further thinning of your hair on your scalp (Women & Men) 

Scalp Meso-Needling with PRP can help you treat your premature hair loss or early female pattern baldness.

It’s an effective hair restoration treatment for women and men (find out if you are a suitable candidate – we have many options to help you regain what you’ve lost – including your confidence).

Do you want to know how to regrow your hair or prevent early female baldness?

Hair & Skin Science can help women who are suffering from early hair thinning or premature female pattern baldness.

female hair loss treatments for women, regrowth treatments for female baldness, thinning hairOne treatment approach uses your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to assist in the regrowth of new and thicker hair follicles on your scalp.

This PRP treatment for women is used in conjunction with Meso-Needling. Meso-Needling of the scalp is a minimally-invasive procedure that helps women stimulate hair growth, new collagen production and restore or regrow healthy hair cells on your scalp.  It improves circulation AND encourages follicles to become active. But it works best if you start as early as possible when you start to notice your thinning hair or increasing hair loss occurrences.

Many women start to notice more hair on the floor, or on their combs and brushes, before they start to see the thinning hair and bald patches on the scalp. They aren’t aware of the scientifically based PRP treatments that can help with hair regrowth.  At Hair and Skin Science in Ashwood near Chadstone and Mount Waverley, we can help many women regrow hair and reduce or minimise bald spots.

Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Treatment Research suggests that Scalp Meso-needling can stimulate scalp healing and hair regrowth for women, because it stimulates the scalp’s natural healing and cell regeneration responses.

Used with our special hair restoration product regimes and in-clinic treatments, women who are suitable candidates for hair restoration/hair regrowth treatments will tend to get noticeable results in LESS than 2 to 3 month’s time.

Results CAN vary from client to client, however, and depend on several factors.  Ask us for details.

Some factors that may influence your results from our Hair Restoration and Hair Regrowth treatments and scalp health products include:

  • genetics
  • lifestyle
  • body weight
  • hormonal fluctuations
  • menopause
  • pregnancy
  • contraceptives

Contact Melbourne’s experts in hair restoration and hair loss and balding management to see if you’re a good candidate for PRP treatments including PRP with scalp meso-needling.

Phone our expert Hair Regrowth & Scalp Care Clinicians at the Hair and Skin Science team on 0472-647-011.

We treat early balding, thinning hair and bald spots on men and women in Melbourne.  We offer top rated customer care and there’s plenty of parking nearby (free parking behind our clinic).

Hair Regrowth & Scalp Care – Ashwood, Chadstone, Malvern & Mount Waverley.

Our comfortable, Boutique Style Clinic and team offers scientifically-based hair regrowth treatments. We can help you reduce Bald Spots, regrow hair after sudden hair loss or persistently thinning hair (premature balding tendencies).

Women, just like men, are upset by thinning hair or premature balding.

Scientific treatments can reduce hair loss and help you regrow hair (suitable candidates) in as little as 2 to 4 months.

Are you like many women, who feel embarrassed by thinning hair or bald spots?

Call us today. We can help.  Treatments involve in clinic scalp and hair regrowth treatments PLUS a home care regime that, when combined, give you the greatest opportunity to improve your hair regrowth potential.

We care about helping you prevent further hair loss – and we care about your confidence. So we do all we can to help you with hair regrowth with our state-of-the-art hair restoration treatments.

You’ll be treated with scientific methods to help regrow hair or encourage hair regrowth and prevent or minimise early hair loss or premature balding. (But if you have unwanted hair, on your legs, underarms, bikini line or back, we also have IPL for hair removal near Chadstone and Ashwood).

As do men, women also hate it when they lose their hair. And because it’s not as common, they often lose confidence even more than men who experience premature balding.

Let’s face it. No one REALLY likes to lose their hair. No one chooses to have a thinning head of hair with noticeable balding patches on their scalp. And our hair is related to our identity and our sense of attractiveness (for men and women).

That’s why men and women call Hair & Skin Science for help to regrow hair where hair has become very thin or balding.

Few men or women would choose to have a thinning head of hair or visible scalp skin showing where there used to be good hair coverage.

While we can help you reduce unwanted hair with IPS, the bigger problem for most women is in reducing the LOSS of hair, due to thinning hair on the scalp or early balding.

For this, we use special scientifically based methods including PRP and hair care products that stimulate the scalp to help you encourage healthier hair regrowth.

We look forward to helping YOU get your hair looking fuller and thicker with scientifically based treatments including IN CLINIC treatments and at-home hair care regimes to reduce thinning and re-stimulate hair growth in suitable candidates.

How does PRP based Hair Restoration Treatment work for hair restoration and hair loss management?

Meso-needling with PRP is an advanced protocol to treat early hair loss or premature balding on men and women.

How PRP and “scalp needling” works to manage male and female baldness and treat hair loss or hair thinning in women and men:

  • We stimulate your scalp to “react” in a rejuvenated manner
  • We use special products, shampoos, conditioners and creams, as well as scalp penetration methods including meso-needling.
  • We revitalise your scalp to encourage hair regrowth using scientifically based protocols that can help many clients regrow hair in the areas they are experiencing early hair loss, thinning hair, visible scalp skin or baldness.

How does PRP work to treat female baldness?

  • Hair follicles can deteriorate over time.
  • They need to be encouraged to regrow hair, and the more you have a mix of active/healthy follicles and thinning, less active ones, the more we can help.
  • The younger you are and the less balding you have, the better your regrowth results – and the faster you might see them.
  • But even clients with very thin hair can typically see some benefits from our treatments.

Are you a female with a bald spot or thinning hair?

IF we think you’re baldness is too advanced, we’ll let you know.

  • PRP itself is an interesting procedure that works for many women and men who’ve lost their hair (thinning hair or premature balding in spots on the scalp).
  • Using our client’s own blood, gently extracted in a sterile environment by our Nurse/Clinicians, we extract the plasma through a procedure which concentrates the blood platelets, providing platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
  • It’s highly scientific and proven to be effective for rejuvenation – including helping hair regrowth when combined with the right in-clinic and at-home hair loss prevention protocols.

We then apply this solution to the desired area for restoring hair or stimulating hair growth and preventing further hair loss:

  • First, our Hair & Skin Science Clinicians prepare the PRP (protein enriched plasma) to treat your scalp and encourage hair regrowth.
  • To apply these nutrients to your scalp where your hair loss pattern is currently most visible (most prominent), we then create microscopic channels in the skin.
  • We do this through Meso-Needling.
  • It’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds, and we help you feel comfortable at every session; plus the procedure is also relatively quick to perform. It uses very, very micro-fine needles to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.

By applying the PRP to these areas, the hair regrowth treatment has a deeper penetration capacity.

  • This PRP-based scalp needling treatment essentially works in suitable candidates by encouraging dormant hair follicles to regrow.
  • It’s similar in technique to what the celebrities use for skin rejuvenation, too!
  • You should see results in less than 8 week’s time frame, although it does depend on a variety of factors.

Are you a good candidate for hair restoration or effectively managing a thinning hairline or female pattern baldness?

We can help you assess if these treatment might be a good option for you to treat your hair loss, female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness, and premature hair loss/thinning hair concerns.

Call us today for a FREE appointment to assess your suitability for these treatments and the likelihood these treatments will work for you to reduce baldness, receding hairlines and restore your hair in those areas where you’re thinning, very noticeably.

  • If you are over a certain age or have extensive hair loss (extreme baldness), you may NOT be the best candidate for these effective hair loss management / advanced hair restoration techniques.
  • Try to start these treatments as early as possible for best chances of regrowth results.
  • Ask us if you’re not sure – if you’re too far advanced, we’ll give you our honest opinion about what your chances might be, and we’ll tell you what to expect and how long it might take.
  • We don’t believe in making promises we can’t keep. We want you to be happy.
  • So ask us today and don’t delay.

Please don’t delay your hair regrowth treatments-  or be left wondering if these baldness treatments will WORK to help restore your hair after hair loss.

Our team’s top Clinicians can give you a FREE assessment of whether or not we can help you. We’ll give you honest, practical advise in a caring and respectful environment.  Give us a call today. Phone 0472-647-011.

What is the research behind this hair loss management treatment?

Research and data shows stimulation of hair growth in response to Microneedle Therapy can enable the absorption of topical applications and enhance hair regrowth. Scalp Meso-needling enhances any topical scalp treatment regime and stimulates natural repair pathways to support skin and scalp healing and maintain healthy hair growth.

Scalp skin is comprised of several layers. The outside layer is called the stratum corneum, and is made from dead skin cells with a high concentration of oils and keratin protein. This scalp skin layer protects the outside of the body, and is very effective at preventing microbes and chemicals from passing through, entering the body.

Using the Scalp roller creates thousands of quickly healing channels through the stratum corneum, bypassing the major barrier to treatment absorption. These channels allow more than 5 times more actives to penetrate the scalp.

Who does this hair loss management and hair restoration treatment benefit?

Who makes a good candidate for treatments to restore hair and manage hair loss in men and women?

Hair Regrowth & Hair Restoration procedures can be performed on both men and women with thinning hair.

More men bald early in life than women. But women can suffer from premature hair loss as well.

Premature baldness is a concern for women as well as men.

Age, and degree of balding or premature hair loss and the contributing factors, can impact your results. But we can generally assess whether these hair loss management/hair restoration techniques are going to be a good option for you.

It works in a way proven to be beneficial to dermal and cellular regeneration, that of controlled stimulation at a micro-level that stimulates the cells to rejuvenate and heal.

Similar techniques have been used to effectively treat acne scars and wrinkles, and to increase the penetration of skin care products. However, hair restoration is slightly different; and the micro-needling device length is different for skin Scalp Meso-needling with PRP to help treat baldness or manage early hair loss.

What are the effects of hair loss management clinic treatments and hair products?

Meso-Needling with PRP treatments have a high patient satisfaction rate. As the treatment is using the patient’s own plasma, the work usually results in thicker, stronger hair regrowth. After treatment, the scalp may be red and irritated as the skin heals from the needling.

When will I see results of hair restoration sessions?

Most appointments take 1.5 hours. We ask patients to avoid washing away the PRP from their scalp till the following morning after their procedure.

Results will vary from client to client. However, if you are a good candidate, we tend to expect to see your new hair regrowth within 4 to 6 weeks after your first treatment. Multiple treatments are required for best results AND we are happy to tell you, up front, what we think you’ll need (how many appointments) so you know what to expect.

Sometimes it’s a matter of giving it a try and switching products to see what your scalp really likes, but our hair restoration experts have years of expertise in helping clients with similar hair loss patterns and early balding concerns.  Call us today for an appointment (Saturday appointments also available). Phone or text: 0472-647-011.

Activance Practitioner

Harnessing the energy of a special molecule that works in harmony with your bodies’ biology.

Activance Practitioner is an innovative and effective practitioner-only Australian made hair health range with a social and environmental conscience, built on the philosophy that healthy hair means beautiful hair.

Using the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, the most effective natural plant extracts, and the most powerful nutrients: Rhodanide and MSM, our hair loss products are the ultimate holistic approach for everyone. Including post hair transplant, genetic hair loss and alopecia.

How does this Scalp and Hair Restoration Treatment actually work to manage baldness or treat hair loss?

As one of nature’s ‘miraculous molecules’, Rhodanide’s anti-ageing and regenerative properties are extensively documented in biochemical research. As well as stimulating cell growth, it forms part of your body’s defence system, which is why it’s found in tears and breast milk. In hair cells, Rhodanide swells and strengthens the bonds of keratin from within, increasing elasticity and reducing breakage.

Interestingly, Rhodanide is particularly richly concentrated in areas of rapid growth, like the root tips of plants—and the roots of your hair. Yet when depleted by everyday stressors, it loses concentration in these areas of growth, which means that your hair health can suffer.

Activance knows the secret: Rhodanide, the miraculous molecule, performs the natural duties you’ve been looking for in a product.
But we didn’t make it up, your body did. We just harnessed the power.

Where did Activance originate?

The Activance story begins in Europe more than 50 years ago. After World War II, when infectious diseases plagued the continent, supplements containing the health-boosting nutrient Rhodanide were given to humans and livestock in order to prevent illnesses from spreading. Unexpectedly, as scientists monitored the effects of the supplement on sheep and mink, they started to notice significant changes to the animals’ coats, including increased wool production, quality and shine.

Struck by these mysterious side effects, researchers continued to discover that Rhodanide is so essential to the biology of both animal and human hair, that our own bodies naturally produce it. They also found that just as vitamin D has uses in many different parts of the body, Rhodanide performs several vital functions at once, including strengthening hair, aiding in hair follicle metabolism and fighting off damaging chemicals and free radicals.

After more than half a century of research into Rhodanide’s nurturing effect on hair, European scientists developed the world’s first formula aimed at total hair health: Activance.

Today, following close collaboration with the original researchers, Activance is proud to manufacture and distribute an enhanced and expanded Activance range worldwide. Building on over 50 years of scientific research, our customers continue to testify that regardless of hair age, type or condition, Activance’s groundbreaking formula with Rhodanide can give you the power to change your hair.

Who does this product benefit? Can it help anyone treat thinning hair?

This treatment can be used by both men and women, who are looking for pain free treatment options for thinning hair.

It is best used, however, with in-clinic treatments by professional advanced hair restoration treatment Clinicians such as our team in Melbourne at Hair And Skin Science in Ashwood (near Chadstone, Mount Waverley, Glen Iris, Vermont, Blackwood and Malvern).

When will I see results from hair restoration treatments or products?

Results may begin to appear in 4 – 6 weeks after your first use.

Treatment times CAN vary.

Longer treatment times probably do no harm, but they also may not improve your actual results.  Allow your Clinician at Hair and Skin Science to work WITH you to find the most effective solutions for your early hair loss and premature balding.

3 Month Treatment Plan

Derma Roller
Book Appointment

Our 3 month treatment plan has been created by our hair regrowth expert and combines in clinic treatment sessions and at home maintenance. This treatment plan has been devised to to increase the opportunity for new hair growth and benefits of clinic treatments. The BEST hair regrowth treatment money can buy!

This scientifically-based treatment for thinning hair, receding hairlines or early balding management includes:

  • 3 Sessions of PRP
  • 3 Stem Cell Treatments
  • 3 Months supply of hair regrowth products

For optimal results, Hair and Skin Science clinician’s recommend getting a PRP treatment ONCE a month, with continued product usage at home. Maintenance may be required, but you SHOULD be able to see your results in less than 8 week’s time (often within 4 to 6 weeks if you follow the protocols precisely and don’t have an underlying health condition or lifestyle choice that contributes to hair loss or premature balding).

Our recommended home application treatments may include the following products.

2 x Practitioner Formula – The ONLY topical solution for hair restoration that is approved by the TGA.

Applied topically, this leave in treatment with Rhodanide & MSM is effective in helping promote hair growth as well as reduce irritation. 90% of clients experience hair regrowth within 3 months. It can be used indefinitely to support existing hair follicles and new hair regrowth. It is the only product applied topically that is TGA approved for hair loss. Applied to the scalp once a day, 20 sprays. Each bottle should last for 40 days.

1 x Purifying Shampoo
1 x Conditioner

Our advanced, fragrance-free Purify shampoo and conditioner range uses naturally sourced anti-pollution ingredients to give your hair and scalp the gentlest detox from everyday stressors and irritants. The perfect way to prepare for our nourishing leave-in treatments. Each should last for 3 months, however, this also depends on the  length of your hair

1 x 1.5mm Derma Roller

The Derma Roller’s needling action triggers the body’s natural wound healing response, stimulating protein production that helps grow and rebuild new hair follicles.

Clinically Proven Results for hair restoration treatments based on a clinical trial of men facing premature hair loss (early balding and receding hair lines):

After  1 week of hair restoration treatments:

92% of users noticed an increase in hair volume, thickness and shine

After 4 weeks of hair restoration treatments:

75% of users reported rate of hair loss/fall had reduced or stopped altogether

After 6 weeks of hair restoration treatments:

80% of users regrew hair & many reported significant reductions in scalp irritation, dandruff and seborrhea

Details of the clinical trial on the effectiveness of approved hair restoration products:

  • 102 male with premature hair loss stage 1 & 2 per Hamilton Scale.
  • Age 19 – 82 years.
  • Hair loss duration 1.5 – 2.5 years.

Remember, the EARLIER you see us when it comes to treating your premature hair loss or receding hairlines and thinning hair on your scalp, the better the treatment results tend to be.  Phone us today – and we are EVEN open on SATURDAYS.