Costs of PRP Hair Regrowth, PRP Facials, Cosmetic Injections and Skin Needling Treatments in Melbourne

On this page, we cover the costs of PRP hair regrowth treatments and PRP facials, cosmetic injections and skin needling treatments in Melbourne. We also offer hair removal. Compare the costs of our Melbourne treatments with other clinics – and you’ll find that our prices are competitive and our services are stellar. At Hair & Skin Science’s PRP hair restoration, hair regrowth and advanced skin treatments, skin needling and thread lift clinic, you’ll get great value, excellent service and scientifically-based, effective treatments to get you good results! Plus we offer monthly specials on our skin care products and home care treatments. CLICK HERE FOR COSTS OF OUR SKIN NEEDLING, FACIALS &  CARE TREATMENTS

Compare our PRP Hair Regrowth Treatments for Hair Loss, Our Cosmetic Facial Treatments and Skin Needling Costs in Melbourne – we keep our prices affordable and our hair regrowth treatments have a RISK REVERSAL PROMISE (refund policy).


How much do hair restoration treatments cost in Melbourne?

Hair restoration treatments require an investment of four things:  time for treatments, hair restoration treatment costs, home care regimes and patience.  So how much do hair restoration treatments and hair regrowth programs cost in our Melbourne Clinic by our Hair & Skin Science hair regrowth experts?

  • Costs of hair restoration treatments can vary depending on where you are with your premature balding or hair loss; as well as what you need, specifically, to help regrow hair on your scalp to cover premature balding or receding hairlines.
  • PRP based, micro-needling treatment programs that help reduce premature balding (including receding hairlines or thinning scalps) are best purchased as a treatment package that includes home care products AND intensive in-clinic treatments for the first 3 to 6 months – your maintenance plan will depend on how your system responded to these scientifically based treatments.

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Read more about the effectiveness of Hair Regrowth Treatments using PRP and what the PRP treatments hair loss research shows.


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Prices and Costs for hair regrowth treatments (PRP based micro-needling of the scalp)

Before reviewing prices, it’s helpful to read more about the programme we use to help you regrow your hair (for suitable candidates) and reduce the amount of further hair loss.

The main benefits of our hair regrowth programmes to treat baldness, patchy bald spots or receding hairlines on men and women are:

  • They are scientifically based – read the promising research conclusions of a study into the effectiveness of PRP hair loss treatments
  • We are skilled at assessing your suitability for treatments; if you’re a good candidate for these technologies, our Clinicians will help you understand how to optimise your results for maximum hair regrowth potential – plus we have a 6-month Risk Reversal promise
  • Your Hair follicle stimulation will be achieved using more natural methods (topical treatments plus skin needling, nor oral medications – so you can avoid the unwanted side effects on your libido and sexual performance that may occur when taking oral medications used by some clinics to help clients regrow hair)
  • Scalp skin revitalisation with healthier skin and hair follicle renewal stimulated by micro-needling of the scalp (Scalp Needling or Skin Needling using Dermapen) means the hair you do regrow also looks strong and healthy, even shiny, thanks to our products and techniques
  • Nutrient rich plasma – we use your body’s OWN cellular repair properties, by taking a small amount of blood, drawn in seconds in our clinic and processed through a centrifuge.
  • This cell-based serum encourages renewal of your scalp skin (it works for facial treatments, also) – it stimulates hair regrowth by increasing the number of actively growing hair follicles on your scalp.
  • All without oral medications with detrimental side effects (unwanted effects of hair restoration medications taken orally).

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Restoration Treatments in Melbourne at our Scientifically-Based Treatment Clinic for Alopecia

Treating Bald Patches: How much will you need to invest in the appearance of your scalp and hairline?

You can pay as you go for your treatments, but our hair restoration packages offer better pricing and scheduling availability.

  • Hair Regrowth Treatment Packages typically cover a period of 3 months to 6 months at a time
  • You save more by paying up front for a package rather than paying as you go – we do aim to make these treatments an affordable investment in the appearance of your scalp, and packages offer savings (discounts) over the cost of individual treatments
  • But it’s always up to you – you can pay as you go or purchase a package, depending on your budget (but consistency of treatments is crucial to your hair restoration treatment results, so you need to plan)

Hair Regrowth Treatment Packages and include your IN CLINIC treatments PLUS your home care products.

  • Your first 3 months, your inclusive package of six (6) PRP sessions (scalp meso-needling PRP programme) and your hair regrowth home care hair products, costs between $1299 and $1399 AUD.
  • You’ll visit our clinic ever 2 weeks for a one-hour treatment (there is very little downtime after a treatment).
  • Your next 3 month programme involves additional methods to further stimulate regrowth.
  • This second 3 month programme costs only $750, and you’ll be visiting our clinic monthly instead of fortnightly.
  • But you must continue your home care regime exactly as we describe in order to help you optimise results.

Results and Maintenance of Hair Loss Treatment Results

  •  After 3 months, many clients will notice hair regrowth results or reduced balding spot sizes.
  • However, skin and hair regeneration takes time – what you treat in the deeper areas of the skin or hair follicles of the scalp shows up around 8 to 12 weeks after treatment; and benefits from the cumulative treatment effects.

How long before I see the results of hair restoration treatments using combined PRP and home-care methods?

  • Hair Regrowth results will tend to be more prevalent around the 6 month mark (but many clients notice regrowth at 3 months).
  • That’s because these treatments have a cumulative effect, and because the stimulated hair follicles have varying growing patterns.
  • The second quarter of your hair regrowth treatment will cost $750 (for 4 PRP sessions with SGF).
  • There’s also topical pharmaceutical solutions by prescription or the over-the-counter percentage of Minoxidil (5%).

Remember, for best results from balding-related treatments, you need to start your hair restoration treatments BEFORE it’s too late.  Starting your hair regrowth treatments BEFORE you have only a few actively working hair follicles is necessary.



I’m already very bald – will hair restoration treatments work for me?

If you’re balding extensively, have very few active hair follicles by the time you start, or are over a certain age, our scientifically-advanced hair regrowth treatments won’t typically be as effective as they would be for people with more healthy follicles and just a few balding areas or a thinning scalp.

Depending on the causes of premature hair loss or male pattern baldness or female baldness, you may not even be a suitable candidate. But don’t delay – find out if you ARE a suitable candidate, and what can be done to help your hair coverage.  But if you’re very bald or have a medical condition or other factors, there may be limits to what we can assist you with in terms of hair restoration strategies.

We are happy to give you a no-obligation assessment of your suitability for our scientifically advanced hair restoration treatments. Just phone and ask for a consultation with one of our Hair Restoration Clinicians.

  • We pride ourselves on our honesty and ethics, as well as our hair regrowth results.
  • So we are selective about who we treat, and how. We focus on no-oral medication, PRP based hair restoration with research to support its effectiveness for suitable candidates.
  • That’s because we want our clients to have success in regrowing hair after premature hair loss  If we assess that you’re likely to be a good candidate for our hair restoration treatments, and you carefully follow our hair regrowth home treatment protocols and in clinic treatment regimes, you are likely to experience hair regrowth results within 3 to 6 months. If not, we have a 6 month Risk Reversal promise.

Cost to Regrow Hair – Our Treatment come with a RISK REVERSAL PROMISE

We are careful to select the right program for the right clients.

Not everyone is a good candidate or has suitable follicles for our no-medication hair regrowth treatments. But to avoid the alternatives of taking drugs with unwanted side effects, book in for a no obligation consultation.

So start before it’s too late. Our prices and costs for hair restoration treatments are affordable and offer a RISK REVERSAL promise.  If you see NO hair regrowth results in six months, we’ll give you a refund.  Ask about our RISK REVERSAL promise at a no-obligation consultation.

Hair Restoration costs - prices of hair-regrowth advanced- scientific treatments-balding-prp-

Prices of hair restoration treatments in Melbourne at our Ashwood Clinic

** Our treatments do NOT USE Oral Medications with known side effects ***

Instead, we focus on Topical Treatments and skin stimulation that avoids these unwanted side effects that prescription medications can cause – this is one of the key differences between our clinic and others who offer services.

We believe in scientifically based, oral-medication-free hair restoration programmes.

Many of our clients are getting excellent results after four to six months of treatment, sometimes even sooner. But you must be patient to allow the treatments to work. That’s because cellular renewal and hair regrowth involves different cycles. What we do to help your scalp TODAY might not visibly show up for a few months, because we are treating the underlying area and follicles.   But you will see results at the six month’s mark – that’s our Risk Reversal Promise.

We are a TOPICAL only, specially formulated PRP based treatment clinic who takes pride in helping our clients regain thicker, healthier hair where they are thinning.

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Scientifically Advanced Hair Regrowth available with Skin Needling and PRP

Our hair regrowth treatments are suitable for selected candidates who have thinning hair or balding patches on their scalp:

  • hair part lines that are beginning to widen
  • temples
  • upper forehead (that M type of balding pattern along the upper forehead area)
  • back of scalp (bald patches)
  • treatments for men and women

Scientific Hair Restoration Practices using topical, special scientifically based compounds and Protein Rich Plasma Dermapen treatments in our clinic – the full treatment is affordable and effective for the right candidates.

Plus, we have a RISK REVERSAL promise.

At Hair & Skin Science, our mission is to assist suitable clients regrow hair to cover bald patches and thinning hairlines.

You don’t want to waste money, and we don’t want you to.

We are dedicated to getting you results, so long as you follow our instructions and hair regrowth programme exactly as we describe.

To see results, you’ll need to commit to at least six months of treatment (although you’ll likely notice enough regrowth within the first 3 to 4 months to want to continue with these treatments).

Safe & Effective way to help suitable clients regrow hair –  costs of Hair & Skin Science Hair Restoration treatments (Melbourne)

Treatment Costs for the INITIAL PROGRAM (3 months) for Hair Restoration Treatments:

You’ll get 6 treatments of our scientifically based PRP meso-needling/microneedling treatments to stimulate scalp follicle cellular functions (for hair follicle regrowth), PLUS everything you need to use at home. Treatments are performed in or Ashwood Clinic Location, with parking nearby and a lovely calm ambience to leave you relaxed.

  • First 3 Months: Price: $1299 to $1399 for your first 3 months – you’ll need to have a treatment in our Clinic every 2 weeks (6 sessions).
  • Second 3 Months: Price:  $790 for your monthly PRP treatments (3 sessions of PRP with SGF).
  • Risk Reversal Promise – at 6 months, if you follow our protocols and see no hair regrowth from our treatments, we’ll give you a refund.

Phone today for a no obligation consultation.



Visit Hair Regrowth Treatments – Hair Restoration Men (Melbourne)

Hair Regrowth Treatments for Hair Restoration for Women (Melbourne)

Will hair restoration work for me? How to tell if you’re a good candidate and if this treatment might be a worthwhile hair restoration investments for you.

Read our BLOG about hair loss causes, hair regrowth treatments and early balding.

  • Please note that our before and after photos are of clients who have used our treatment methods for approximately six months.
  • Every scalp and every hair loss situation is different, even for male pattern baldness or
  • Individual results can vary.
  • Phone us on 0472647011 for a no obligation consultation to see more before and after photos in our Melbourne Hair Restoration Clinic.

We also offer Thread Lifts (a non-surgical face lift technology), cosmetic injections, IPL hair removal instead of waxing, and micro-needling facial rejuvenation using PRP facial methods and led treatments.

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