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Hair & Skin Science: Hair Regrowth/Hair Restoration and treatments to combat thinning hair, premature balding and receding hairlines.

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IPL FACIAL REJUVENATION – Mid Year Special – 5 treatments for $520 – SAVE $469.00

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Advanced Treatments for Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Restoration/Hair Regrowth – plus Laser Hair Removal (Melbourne Clinic)

Cosmetic Industry News in Melbourne

Non-Surgical Treatments and Hair Restoration Options that are scientifically based.

READ OUR BLOG for more information on hair loss treatment research, skin treatments that are non-surgical alternatives to a facelift (such as a thread lift), IPL hair removal (laser hair removal) and more.

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Meet Dr Theva (3rd from left), Julie (4th from left), Maddy (5th from left) and founder Jenna (fourth from right).  These are the core team at Hair & Skin Science.

We celebrated our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY in Ashwood – 18th April 2018.

  • Browse our photos from our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY celebration of our Ashwood Clinic – held in April 2018.
  • During our first year Ashwood/Chadstone region, we’ve helped hundreds of clients to:
    • regrow thicker hair
    • reduce thinning scalp areas
    • reduce visibility of bald spots
    • reduce the area and size of a bald patch on the scalp
    • regrow healthier looking hair over a balding area of the scalp
    • rejuvenate the facial skin
    • attain natural-looking cosmetic injections including lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, chin augmentation
    • benefit from laser treatments and facials
    • learn about advanced hair restoration treatments and PRP (protein rich plasma treatments)
    • have the ‘vampire facial’ (PRP for facial skin rejuvenation)
    • remove unwanted hair using IPL laser hair removal methods
    • enjoy light-based facial treatments with low level light therapy LED technology

All in our Boutique Cosmetic Treatment & Hair Restoration / Hair Loss Treatment Clinic setting in Ashwood, with parking available (ask our team where it’s best to park when you call us).


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Our core TEAM of Hair Regrowth & Advanced Skin Care Treatment Clinicians: Maddy (L), Jenna (Centre), Julie (R).


Our 18 April 2018 FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY Celebration photos:


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hair regrowth and IPL hair removal; can you regrow hair after going bald or is there a good baldness cover for a bald spot? Research.

New Treatment Services at Hair & Skin Science including Hair Removal, Thread Lifts and high-tech skin care lines for facial rejuvenation

  • We’re also now offering THREAD LIFTS (as a non-surgical alternative to facelift surgery) with our affiliated Cosmetic Physician.
  • We’ve also recently added advanced IPL LASER HAIR REMOVAL – a state-of-the-art IPL (hair removal laser) and facial laser – new to our Melbourne location in Ashwood near Chadstone.
  • We are committed to helping you move away from painful monthly waxing (such as back waxing, chest waxing, underarm waxing, Brazilian Waxing and facial and leg waxing with our IPL hair removal now available in Melbourne.

If you’re an existing client of ours and want to drop in to see what we can do – or if you’re new to us and want to meet us, simply ask us for an appointment or a TOUR of our Ashwood hair restoration, hair regrowth & skin care Clinic (a Melbourne inner eastern suburb).

We have monthly specials. Phone us to find out what’s on offer.



About our Hair & Skin Science Clinic in Ashwood – Advanced Treatments, Facials & Hair Services

Read more about the services we provide, including advanced hair restoration/hair regrowth treatments, beauty services, facials, facial rejuvenation, thread lift “facelift” alternatives, highly regarded cosmeceutical ranges of skin care products and thinning hair treatments, IPL for laser hair removal in Melbourne, and more!

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Want to experience our top notch client care and advanced scientifically based treatments for skin rejuvenation or hair restoration/hair regrowth to treat a bald patch, receding hairline or thinning hair on your scalp?

Contact our ASHWOOD Hair & Skin Science clinic team on:  0472647011 today.

You’ll get honest advice and state-of-the-art technologies that will help suitable candidates get noticeable hair regrowth results to cover balding spots (or use our IPL to reduce unwanted hair on legs, bikini line, Brazilian, back, chest, arms, face and more).

Research & Scientifically-based – Hair Regrowth Information (Melbourne) – Hair & Skin Science

Read more about our Hair Regrowth & Restoration Treatments for thinning hair or balding scalps, which works with your own systems to stimulate and rejuvenate cellular function so that hair growth is improved. Select candidates can see good results within a few weeks time (within 3 months) if they follow their at home treatment AND their in clinic treatments as prescribed by our caring hair restoration experts at Hair & Skin Science (Ashwood/Chadstone region).

Scientifically-based PRP based Hair Regrowth for Men (Melbourne)

Scientifically-based PRP Treatments for thinning hair and premature balding (Women) – Melbourne

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