PRP Hair Restoration treatments and scientifically advanced Skin Care & Facial Rejuvenation. Looking to prevent further hair loss or treat your bald patches? Want to regrow healthier hair to cover bald spots on your scalp? Or are you wanting to smooth out your facial skin to rejuvenate your appearance, with our scientifically advanced facial treatments, thread lifts, skin care products and Vampire Facials that use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) micro-needling for the face or scalp?

At Hair & Skin Science in Melbourne near Chadstone in Ashwood, conveniently reachable from Malvern, Burwood, Glen Iris and Mount Waverely, our Hair Regrowth/Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation Clinic offers services are top notch. We use PRP based topical treatments (not oral medications) that are supported by Scientific Research as being effective for selected clients to regrow hair by stimulating hair follicles to function again.

We have a RISK REVERSAL PROMISE, also, to limit your risk.

Ask us for a FREE ASSESSMENT of your suitability for PRP Hair Regrowth/Hair Loss Prevention treatments.

We will give you honest advice, including oral-medication-FREE treatments that will help you see hair regrowth (hair restoration treatment results) in as little as six months.  We offer a Risk Reversal Promise.

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Hair Restoration using PRP Hair Regrowth Treatments and Topical Solutions to Regrow Hair and Help Prevent further Hair Loss.

At Hair & Skin Science in Melbourne, we are dedicated to effective, affordable and research supported treatments for hair loss in men and women. We also offer the latest in facial rejuvenation treatments. Our treatments also AVOID oral medication approaches to hair loss, as these can have unpleasant side effects.

  • PRP is minimally invasive and requires NO oral medications with unwanted side effects
  • We treat men and women with thinning hair, receding hairlines, widening part lines and bald spots
  • Effective for suitable candidates with male pattern baldness
  • Avoids unwanted side effects of taking oral medications (topical only)
  • Scientifically based and shown to be effective
  • Stimulate more hair follicle growth
  • Minimally invasive and very little down time
  • Affordable compared to hair transplant options (compare PRP treatments for baldness to hair transplant options)

Hair and Skin Science in Melbourne (Phone: 0472 647 011) – Scientifically-advanced techniques for Hair Regrowth & Hair Restoration Treatments for balding scalps for men and women – PLUS Skin Rejuvenation, Thread Lifts and Cosmetic Injections from some of Melbourne’s most caring Injecting Clinicians.

Research Driven Scientific Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Regrowth Treatments with a Risk Reversal Promise to help you regrow hair and help prevent further hair loss.

In addition to scalp and hair restoration treatments, clients also love our state of the art facials, chemical peels, thread lifts, cosmetic injections and laser hair removal treatments.

Read the RESEARCH on Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) scalp treatments to regrow hair – scientifically advanced hair restoration methods that do NOT rely on oral medications that cause unwanted side effects on your libido.

Hair and Skin Science offers Clinical expertise and top level care for hair regrowth and skin treatments.

Our Melbourne PRP Hair Regrowth Clinic (near Chadstone) focuses on PRP hair restoration treatments, scientifically supported hair regrowth products, advanced facials and skin treatments, cosmetic injectables and other hair, scalp and skin treatments.  Our Clinicians have extensive experience in applying scientifically-based treatments to encourage follicular stimulation and hair regrowth, helping you feel more confident with a fuller, healthier, shinier head of hair.

Ask us about the home care regime and your in-Clinic treatment options.

Request an appointment with our experienced Hair & Skin Clinicians.  We provide services that help our clients feel more confident in themselves.  Because confidence is more than skin deep, but we also know that how we look affects our confidence – and we know how to help.  Whether its regrowing hair to prevent premature hair loss and balding in women and men, to a skin refining chemical peel or a PRP micro-needling facial to smooth out old acne scars or revitalise the skin, we have a wide range of high-tech treatments designed to help your skin and scalp look its very best.


If this is your first time treatment, our practitioners will be happy to walk you through our services and the results you can personally expect from our treatments.

 Contact our Melbourne Hair & Skin Science Clinic directly to arrange an appointment or phone 0472 647 011. We are conveniently close to Chadstone, Mount Waverley, Malvern, Burwood, Glen Iris and Ashwood.

Scientifically-based Hair Restoration Treatment Options for Suitable Candidates who want to manage early hair loss or premature balding patterns. Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Treatments including Thread Lifts, Injections, PRP Skin Needling Facials and more.


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Testimonials from Clients who Have Used our Hair Restore Products and In-Clinic Baldness Treatments to manage or improve Receding Hair Lines and Minimise Bald Spots on the Scalp

I have had 3 PRP treatments and extatic about the results. Loving the new clinic, great location, parking, clean and Jenna as passionate as ever about skin and hair regrowth.

Rob HiltonTreatment: Scalp PRP treatment

Ultimate professional advanced skin treatment and management technicians. Exemplary customer service, in a warm and welcoming environment

Leonie Brien

My fave girl Jenna – spoilt me rotten today with the best ever facial and take home pack – then for an injectable top up – seriously go to Hair and Skin Science they are honestly amazing – no makeup only lipstick!

Karen Oliver@pepperminttea via Instagram


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