Tired of having too much hair on your back, arms, lets, bikini line or chin?  Say goodbye to unwanted hair and ingrown hairs!  And say goodbye to the time wasting, costly methods of painful, messy waxing or daily shaving. Our leading Hair Restoration and Skin Science Clinic now offers state-of-the-art IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments, to reduce unwanted hair. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to see if we can help you get smoother skin with reduced hair.

Waxing, Shaving or IPL: Which is better for removing hair?

There are many ways you can temporarily remove unwanted hair these days. But not all of them are equal.

Some take up a lot of your time. Others eat up a lot of your budget. Still others lead to skin rashes, ingrown hairs and skin infections.

hair-removal-does-ipl-work-on-light-hairOf all the ways you can reduce unwanted hair, at Hair And Skin Science in Melbourne, we believe that IPL – laser hair removal – is best.

Does laser hair reduction and removal of unwanted hair using IPL, rather than waxing or shaving, really work?

Yes, laser hair reduction works! We prefer state of the art Intense Pulsed Light technology for hair reduction, for 3 key reasons:

  • effectiveness – it reduces hair significantly (not necessarily for the rest of your life, but for a very, very long time)
  • client comfort during treatments because of the COOLING action of the treatment head (the part that touches the skin) – old style lasers felt hot and uncomfortable, but with a new cooling head, it’s all about comfort for YOU
  • smoother skin results after reducing hair (everyone thinks being hair-free is far more sexy than looking like a hair growth factory)


Plus, IPL lasers also work well to rejuvenate the skin as well – we’ve added this to our facial rejuvenation offers!

But for now, we’re talking about HAIR reduction using Intense Pulse Light technology (more commonly known as “IPL”).

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Areas that can be treated with IPL Hair Removal Lasers (Palomar Stylux 500 technology)

The most common treatment areas for hair reduction using IPL or hair removal lasers are:

  • backs and shoulders
  • legs
  • bikini line area
  • genital area (manscaping for men, or brazilian style hair removal for women)
  • face and chin
  • around the hairline or neckline (back of neck)
  • arms (forearms)
  • under arms or armpit area

So if you want smoother, less visible hair on parts of your body you’re showing to the public (or in private), give us a call.hair-removal-ipl-bikini-face-chin-cost-ipl

So what’s so great about the IPL laser methods for hair reduction or removal?

Clients are amazed at how long they can go without waxing or shaving, when they treat unwanted hair growth using IPL technology. It’s fast, effective and less messy – or costly – than many other methods, when you’re comparing long term results for hair regrowth.

It’s important that you know, however, that a few straggly hairs may remain – and that a maintenance routine may be needed at about the 10-12 month mark (but often, all you’ll need is one or two ‘top up’ laser hair reduction sessions every year or so). It can vary from person to person, as everyone’s hair growth patterns are different.

PLUS some health conditions and medications prompt hair regrowth, so ask our Clinicians if you’ve got a condition that has rapid hair regrowth, as your treatment regime might vary.

  • Laser hair reduction takes a few weeks to show full effects, as existing hair in the treated follicles may take a few days to completely fall out.
  • Then you’ll notice smooth, significantly more hair-free skin in the treated area(s).
  • It’s good to understand that complete hair removal may not always occur for every patient – as some hair follicles are very persistent.
  • A series of treatments is often needed (we offer special PACKAGE PRICES so we have you covered)
  • But for most men and women, after a series of IPL treatments for hair removal, you’ll notice that you have smooth, “hair-free” skin without having to shave daily, or resort to painful, messy waxing (which also leads to ingrown hair problems).

waxing-bikini-line-prices-specials-chadstoneInfections or skin problems from ingrown hairs?

Try IPL therapy for hair reduction and treatment for ingrown hairs that cause infections, and which are not uncommon when you resort to shaving or messy waxing.

  • Speaking of ingrown hair problems, these are known to cause a variety of skin problems
  • Waxing mishaps and ingrown hairs can lead to dangerous skin infections that can cause health problems if left untreated

Did you know that IPL hair removal lasers can also help treat and reduce your ingrown hairs?

If you HATE having ingrown hairs, come to us and try our state of the art IPL treatments instead of shaving or waxing.

IPL laser treatments for unwanted hair are a great alternative to waxing and shaving. They offer a decreased risk of getting ingrown hairs because the roots of your hair follicle is treated in situ (where they are); unlike waxing, where your hair is ripped out, at an angle that disrupts your hair follicles and leads to ingrown hair problems.  BUT if you’ve been waxing for some time, your follicles may already be disrupted.

In which case, IPL may be able to reduce the recurrence of your troublesome ingrown hairs. How? By stopping the hair from regrowing and causing skin problems beneath the damaged skin or hair follicle.

IPL style Lasers have been around for some time. They are not necessarily new, but the COOLING head technology has evolved.

  • Lasers are extremely popular for men and women who want to reduce hair growth on their bodies.
  • We waited until we felt IPL laser treatments reached a state of design that made them less uncomfortable for clients.hair-removal-ipl-cost-of-waxing-melbourne
  • We did a LOT of research, and we chose a cooling-head method and high-tech IPL machine so YOU can get the best results available for hair reduction and skin rejuvenation.

Waxing vs Lasers or IPL or Shaving: what’s cheaper or more convenient?

  • Sometimes, getting laser treatments instead of shaving or waxing, can help you save money as well as time.
  • It depends on the area being treated, of course.
  • But benefits other than cost savings are also the TIME SAVINGS (such as when you laser your back hair instead of waxing it).
  • You can also go longer between treatments (waxing means you’re at your waxing clinic every 4-6 weeks, and forking out about $60-$100 at least 8-10 x a year – up to $1000 a year for waxing your legs alone, and up to $1500 for Brazilian style waxing packages).
  • And let’s face it – getting IPL done for hair reduction is a lot easier, quicker and less messy than getting waxed!


Intense Pulsed Light laser treatments, such as using state of the art Palomar StarLux 500 hair reduction methods and superb head-cooling technologies – helps keep you more comfortable during treatments.

Instead of waxing or shaving, IPL is becoming the GO TO for hair reduction in Melbourne. 

Here are the PROS and CONS of Laser IPL hair reduction or removal compared to WAXING or shaving.

Major PRO of hair removal using LASER therapies:

IPL Easier, less messy and longer-lasting than WAXING or SHAVING – in the long run, you’ll  save time and money on:

IPL lasers are also fantastic for facial rejuvenation.

They can leave you with smoother feeling skin, less pigmentation differences, and fewer visible wrinkles. If wrinkles are your main concern, you can also use cosmetic injections. The combined effect of getting facial IPL and cosmetic injections can be a good solution to give your face a boost!

But one of the most popular uses of IPL treatments is, indeed, for long term hair removal (hair growth reduction).

And it’s a good solution for unwanted hair, as it helps you avoid the need for repeated waxing or daily shaving.

The only CON for laser hair removal that we can think of is:

  • You’ll need to come to us for a few treatments to start with, then yearly maintenance ‘tops ups’ depending on how you go (varies)
  • Not every client who wants it may be suitable – find out more by booking an assessment
  • It’s not entirely comfortable for every patient, especially if you’re treating sensitive areas – but the cooling head of our IPL equipment makes a major difference – our clients – and our Team – love it!

Multiple treatments are needed (our special package deals can really help); and you’ll enjoy having smoother, less hairy legs (or a less hairy back or face and chin area) for some time after your treatment series.  Maintenance visits may be required between 10 and 12 months for some clients; but after your first series of treatments, you’ll LOVE the results.

Tired of Waxing? Still Shaving?  Try state of the art IPL hair removal for reduction of hair on legs, backs and faces/chins.

Great IPL hair removal is available at our caring Clinic in Ashwood, conveniently located near Glen Waverley, Chadstone, Glen Iris, Ashburton and Malvern.

We are excited to report that after extensive research into IPL laser hair technologies, we selected a state of the art IPL technology to help clients reduce UNWANTED hair.

  • We chose the Palomar StarLux 500 because its a state of the art Intense Pulsed Light laser – and gets excellent results
  • It offers a quick and effective way to reduce your unwanted hair on your legs, arm pits, face, chin, back, neckline, shoulders – even your sensitive areas for man-scaping or brazilian ‘waxing’ (say goodbye to messy waxing and reduce those ingrown hairs)

Intense Pulse Light treatments help us turn rough, hairy looking terrain into hair-free, silky smooth landscapes (this wording directly from the manufacturer’s representatives) – and we know you’ll soon be thinking the same way!

So call us today, and try our method for removing and reducing hair for the longer term.*


*Individual results may vary